4 Winning Methods With Google's Panda System

4 Winning Methods With Google’s Panda System

The travails of many web site owners with genuine and serious content hoping to get their messages across is the concept behind newly introduced ‘panda’ it aims to change the way pages are ranked and return searches on Google. Read More…

Cicada Principle

Alex Walker – SitePoint

Today’s interview is with Alex Walker from SitePoint. He’s talking with us about his work for Site Point, the amazing Cicada Principle he discovered, and much more.

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Freelance Designing Grandmar and Little Red Riding Client

Freelance Designing Grandmar and Little Red Riding Client

In the story “Little Red Riding Hood”, the little girl notices many things about her Grandmar and asks her how those aspects help ‘Grandmar’ hear, see and finally eat her. However in our story we use Grandmar’s features to explain what skills you need as a freelance web designer. Read More…

Cameron Adams - Web Technologist

Cameron Adams – Web Technologist

Laura Eck chatted with Cameron Adams, a Web Technologist from Australia. He discusses his duties as an interactive motion designer and stressed that seeing those he has trained taking the knowledge into the world and improving on it is his biggest achievement.

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Web Courses Bangkok, in my view, hits the right spot for many who have the aim of furthering their knowledge and skills in web design and publishing. Ean Lee

I found out that this was not something available in this city, apart from what WCB offers. I undertook a short course recently, and spent several hours with Daniel Feary and Carl Heaton on how to set up a web blog and publish online, and found the training to be a breeze, mainly because there were much interaction between trainer and trainee, and that both Daniel and Carl were easy-going and friendly helped a lot – that and the quiet environment at WCB were congenial to fast learning. To think that I didn’t even bring my own computer to the class, when in fact it will have been so much better for practice.

graphic design instructor wanted

We Are Hiring – Graphic Design Instructor

Web Courses Bangkok is expanding its team and we are on the hunt for an experienced and talented Graphic Design Instructor to run our ever growing classes. Read More…

Business Meetup

Business Meetup

If communication is the lifeblood of any organization, then meetup are the heart and mind. The place where we communicate our ideas, hash them out, share our passion for better or worse, develop new understandings and new directions. It’s where deals can happen or fall apart, where strategies are articulated and debated — in short — where we engage with others. Read More…

Jan Ploch - Web and Graphic Designer

Jan Ploch – Web and Graphic Designer

Jan is a web and graphic designer from Hamburg in Germany. Today he talks with us about his work, his career, his inspirations and much more.

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Ramona Lupu - UN Communication Consultant

Ramona Lupu – UN Communication Consultant

I always had a bit of a difficulty understanding my IT colleagues when I was “explained” the process of creating a website.

Until I met Carl Heaton and Seth Lesky, who managed to make me fulfill one of my professional aspirations: develop an online portfolio for myself or a website for my organization.

If you want creativity and easy to understand lessons just access http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com/ and they’ll make damn sure your web vision comes to life.Ramona Lupu


Second Hand Car Selling Vs Real Online Marketing Advice

I am sick of hearing “game changer”, I am tired of hearing “you`ll be top of Google in 7 days” and I can`t stand the word “awesome”.

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