What do you install after a crash?

What do you install after a crash?

Click. Click. Grind. zOmg. There goes my MacBook.

It happens to the best of us. After two years my battle hardened work horse of a laptop finally croaked. Specifically, it was my hard drive that couldn’t handle the constant reading and writing from disk. Read More…

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What Does the Ideal 2012 WordPress Theme Have?

In this article, through a deep analysis, i will list all the features that THE 2012 WordPress Theme should have.
Read More…

lennart schoors

Lennart Schoors – Front-End Developer

Today’s interview is with Lennart Schoors from Belgium, who is a freelance interface designer and front-end developer. Read More…

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Changing Units of Measurement in Adobe Illustrator

I have been working on the WCB Design Agency website to be launched on 31st of January,2012.I have just received the logo file from the designer. They are using millimeters but I want pixels. I wanna show you quick and easy way to change units of measurement within a document in Adobe Illustrator.   Read More…

Documentary Photography - Part 2

Documentary Photography – Part 2

Documentary photography is difficult because you are going to capture the most important moments and if you miss that moment then it’s gone forever. Read More…

Wordpress Infographic 2012

WordPress Infographic 2012

I first heard about WordPress mid 2011, while studying at Web Courses Bangkok, and to be honest I didn’t like it at the start. Read More…

1. How to Move a Local Wordpress Website Live

1. How to Move a Local WordPress Website Live

Creating a local WordPress website comes with a lot of advantages like speed of development, no waiting time for uploads and easy access to the site files. However the downside is when you have to move your work of web art onto the a live server. These screencasts show you how to buy a domain, setup hosting, move the website live and submit to Google. So enjoy these 30 minutes of screencasts and learn how to move a WordPress website from local to live. Read More…

3. How Submit a Wordpress Website to Google

3. How Submit a WordPress Website to Google

Congratulations you have a website ready to show to the world. In this tutorial Koen and I dedicated this project to the late and great Charlie Chaplie so it’s time to submit to Google and starting getting some visitors. Read More…

2. How to Move Wordpress Local to Live

2. How to Move WordPress Local to Live

Moving a WordPress site from local to live is not easy at it has a lot of steps. Luckily this video contains them all and you can hit pause after each stage so you work along side Koen and I. Read More…

yoga by christine

Pierre Balastegui

I joined web courses bangkok to help me to build a yoga website. In a few hours, dreams became reals. With Web Courses help I created http://www.yogabychristine.com/fr/

A lot of things to manage and without the ability of Carl, nothing could happen. Read More…

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