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We Teach Web, Graphic Design and Online Marketing

60 Days Professional Web Designer
Workshop Certificate
Web Courses Graduates

WCB is Thailand’s leading International Web and Graphic Design Training Centre offering a variety of courses:

Every month many participants receive their certificate of completion in one or more of our courses. Today, we are proud to say that we have taught over two thousand participants in our online and on-site classes to people from over 20 different countries.

Trainees From All Around The World

We have welcomed people from Thailand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Bhutan, Ghanda, America, India, France, Spain, Italy and Iran to mention a few.

We are proud to be, and always will be, a truly international web and graphic design training centre.

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We Teach With Patient Enthusiasm Using The Latest Tools

Trainees Group
Intermediate Webdesign Group Class
1-2-1 Class

All of our teachers are passionate about what they do and this comes across in our teaching style. We have taught even the most green of beginners right through to trainees setting up their own web design agencies.

Every class uses a blend of teaching techniques and we back everything up with either a video tutorial, worksheet, presentation or a collection of links on our resources site.

We teach in one of three styles:

Group Courses

With classes of up to 8 persons maximum – participating in learning activities such as projects, workshops, discussions, lectures, small presentation and interactive group work is all an integral part of the program. Participants receive a certificate of completion upon full attendance of the course. Click here for more information on our group web and graphic design courses

Private Courses

This is normally 1-2-1 with one of our talented instructors. Our private classes are very popular as you are able to choose the time and dates of your classes and, most importantly, work on your own project. Click here for more information on our private courses.

With the private courses we offer a unique service. We fully record every session so you have video to watch at home so you don`t forget anything. So please bring a thumb drive so we can save the video on it for you.

Online Learning

We are now able to teach anyone anywhere in the world. We have already taught people as close as Koh Samui to as far as America. We use a combination of Skype, for discussion, and Teamviewer to enable us to take over the trainees computer and demonstrate the learning points.

Our online courses are becoming more and more popular and as a result we will be creating a unique learning platform soon!

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We Promise to Always Support You and Develop Your Career

WCB Trainee Project
WCB Project Support
WCB Trainee Instructor
WCB Trainee Support

We aim to have the best support and overall customer service for any training agency. We believe in fostering a friend and create a welcoming atmosphere to allow creativity to take root and grow.

Support All The Way

And because learning is a process, not an event, we support you during and after your training to ensure that your newly acquired skills are transferred from the classroom to your workplace by providing you a back-up, access to our materials, tutorial videos, one to one meeting with instructor, screen sharing, project supervisions and reference. On top of that, our new website chat feature means you can reach us instantly.

Keeping up With The Industry

We wonder at the web, we dig design and we are passionate about photography. This is why all of our instructors, staff and interns are constantly on the hunt for what is new, relevant and interesting so we can continually keep up with the even changing industry standards and practices.

Referring Trainees for Paid Projects

Because at Web Courses Bangkok we are passionate about what we do and since the internet is a booming industry, we have continuously referred many of our students to employers on demand. We created the popular Web Jobs Bangkok website where prospective employers post jobs for our newly qualified students to take up.

Helping the community >>

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Proud to Support Orphan Children with Disabilities HIV/AIDS

Camillian Home Girl
Camillian Home Boy
Camillian Home Happy Child

We are a proud supporter of the Camillian Care Home.

WCB built and is currently maintaining the website of Camillian Care Home of the children living with disabilities and we are willing to do more for such organizations who otherwise may not have the opportunity to have one.

About The Camillian Care Home

Situated in Latkrabang in the outskirts of Bangkok, it is a unique facility designed to allow each child to receive specialized care and treatment in an environment that encourages and develops the capability of each child, regardless of the severity of their condition.

The children are stimulated mentally and physically thanks to a full-time staff of caretakers, physical therapists and a resident nurse. Therefore, even an eleven year-old girl who is blind, autistic, wheelchair-bound, HIV-positive and orphaned is now living a life in which she smiles and laughs every day.

More than Corporate Social Responsibility

We hope that we can continue to do more and more for the home, to achieve this we need the help of our trainees. Lets come together as one big family to do even more good for wonderful kids at the home and give back to them. For more information visit: http://www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org

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A Big Thank You to All Our Trainees and Team at WCB

Web Courses Bangkok Taya
Web Courses Bangkok Instructors
Web Courses Bangkok Team

An Incredible Journey

Since May 2009 WCB has continued to grow and grow. What started as some scribbling in a small leather notebook has turned into an institute that has helped people change their lives and start whole new careers.

Our Incredible Team

Over time our team has grown, changed but most of all evolved. We now have everything running smoothly and I am so happy to hear when customers say how good the service is and trainees thanking their instructors for all the support.

WCB would be nothing with out the hard work of everyone in the team as well as our trainees.

To The Future and Beyond

Our aim is to have a Web Courses in every major city around the world. We want to have a vibrant online community of teachers and learners and we want to bring beautiful design, web standards and usability to the world.

With your help we can make this happen. So thank you for everything before, now and in the future!

Kind regards,


Carl Heaton – Instructor and Founder

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