Creating a Web Site for 9filmfest

In the contemporary world, one of many instruments which greatly help to express and explore the identities and concepts of the brand is through media.
9 Film Fest - Guest post by Finn
On a whole, media influences and contributes in the nature representation of our modern society.  It is acknowledged that the online media is now the most powerful tool in branding.  It can be said that online media is one of the most popular forms as it can easily reach every home, town, and country due to its high consumption and easy access.

Let’s us introduce ourselves, we are organizing 9FilmFest, a unique short film festival founded in Bangkok, Thailand.  9FilmFest is a short film competition and event coming to Asia for the first time.  Anyone can enter short film video content of nine minutes or less, which means everyone who can use camera, video, mobile phone, etc.  One thing that makes our festival unique is that he film must be made specifically for our festival and must contain the “9 Signature Item” (9SI).  We believe filming is important pieces of evidence in order to study the societies, because films open a window onto reality.   People create and imagine the world as they see it through the camera lenses.

We were looking for a way to develop our online media and speed up online networking and found that Web Courses Bangkok is capable of helping us do both.  We have met with Carl Heaton, the managing director of Web Courses Bangkok.  He and his team is now on broad and will become a phenomenon that helps us developing our short film festival website into a whole new chapter.

A website will be made and served for different purposes as well as messages to its audiences.  Each idea and image in the web design is delicately linked and influenced by the brand’s concept; therefore the website can be one of the most powerful tools in representing the brand.  Our blog will be packed with articles, news, and videos about the film making industry.  Using templates of WordPress theme means we can get to a cool design more quickly and can enter entire project data sets in a single click.

We have learned that online media has been sparking strong hype in Thailand ranging from website, social media to e-commerce.  These have become the new lifestyle of many groups of people at all ages who wish to be different and expressive in their own creativity in order to identify who they really are in the society.

Thank you Finn

It has been fantastic to work with Finn how has since left the 9FilmFest and as an update WCB no longer deals with 9FIlmFest or the original owner Brain.

We wish Finn all the best for the future!

  • Brian

    Great write-up – can’t wait to see the finished version! looks cool

  • Webcoursesbangkok Carl

    It has been a real pleasure working with Finn, each week we make more and more progress with the site.

    Next week I hope she has more content for us so we can really start to see the site take shape.

  • Mike Dando

    Are you going to enter the film competition with a short film about Web Courses Bangkok?

  • Finn

    Thank you Carl and Web Courses Bangkok for such a great lesson :) I learned so much and really enjoyed the class.

  • Illy

    Is this a coincidence or what? Terrific article, I was just in search of something similar to this.

  • Jim Watford

    Wonderful blog. What is to not love about WordPress? It helps make developing a great webpage easy even for us design deficient like me, as well as all of the fantastic designs.