How to choose a right camera based on your budget?

how to choose a camera

Before we start discussing this topic, I would like to give you an introduction about two types of camera which are available in market. There are two types of camera; Compact point and shoot digital camera and Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR). Before you buy a camera, you need to know which of these cameras suits you the most. Then we briefly explain DSLR Canon cameras based on your budgets.

Digital Compact Camera:

1-      Size and Weight: These cameras are quit light and small and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. So you can carry this camera everywhere with yourself especially when you travel.

2-      Easy to shoot: Working with point and shoot camera is easy and mostly it produces a good picture quality in auto mode. It’s good for those who don’t want really get involved in photography’s technical knowledge and they simply want a camera to shoot their moments of life.

3-      Price: Point and shoot cameras are cheaper than DSLRs. The most expensive compact camera’s price is almost equal to the cheapest DSLR camera.

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DSLR Camera:

1-      Size and weight: These cameras are quit heavy and sizable. The users usually have two lenses and some more equipment such as extra battery, filters and speed light flash, so you need to carry around a heavy bag with loads of equipment which is not an easy task.

2-      Manual Mode: Although compact cameras operate in manual mode but DSLRs have been designed for photographers that want to have more control on their cameras and its settings. Therefore the users must learn and take some photography classes in order to get the best of their cameras.

3-       Price: When you decide to get a DSLR camera, you should make yourself ready to spend more money on camera lenses and accessories. Buying DSLR body and a kit lens is very primary money that you spend. Most photographers’ equipment cost much more than a thousand dollars.

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Now in regard to this brief introduction, you need to find which camera type suits you. If photography is not you hobby then go for compact cameras and save some money. But if you want to do photography and earn money then DSLRs are the best. Unfortunately people spend money on DSLR cameras and they just work with auto mode, obviously it’s just such a waste of money. So please take this advice seriously and do not follow the market trend. Spend money on what you need and not on market trend or advertising.

Now let’s say that you want to get a DSLR camera, how can you choose a camera based on your budget?

When it comes to DSLR cameras, the cheapest cameras cost over 15000 Baht ($550). In regard to new Canon models, EOS Rebels suit your budget. These new cameras have the primary DSLRs function and interchangeable lenses. Although the sensor size is small but still the picture quality is high. So if you start your journey in photography with this camera, then you can explore more by getting different lenses and external flash and enjoy photography.

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If you can afford 30000 Baht ($1000), I recommend you to go for Canon EOS 60D or 60Da. These cameras have a bigger sensor size and we can categorize them between Rebels type and Canon 5Ds and 1Ds.

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Canon EOS 5Ds and finally Canon EOS 1D-x is the best cameras for more budgets. Canon 1D-x is a full sensor camera with high resolution and sharp picture quality. The difference between this type and the other two types of the Canon cameras is enormous. It’s like the difference between riding a Ferrari car and a Toyota car. This cameras also keep their values and whenever you want to sell them, you can get two third of your money back because even second hand one is valuable.

web courses bangkok learn photography how to buy camera based on your budget

(If you want to get more information about the Canon cameras, please check Canon website:

You may wonder why I just wrote about Canon and I didn’t talk about Nikon cameras. Nikon cameras are also great cameras to buy but I personally like Canon and I have a reason for it. Nikon camera’s menu has not been designed user friendly. Its menu is has been sorted confusing and complex. Sometimes it’s just headache to go through such a complicated menu. Dislike Nikon camera, Canon’s menu is really simple and straight forward. You can reach your options by simply pressing a few buttons. The menu has been sorted nicely and easy to use.

In other hand, there are some features that you need to have quick access such as ISO which in Canon it has been located as a button on the camera’s body. In Nikon you need to go through some menus to reach this feature. After working with Canon, you will see how easy and faster is working with this camera brand.


Please keep in mind that buying a camera body with a kit lens is the ground money that you spend and soon you will need lenses, memory cards, extra battery, tripod, external flash, camera bag and many more. But even if you get a cheap DSLR camera, I highly recommend you to invest on good and valuable lenses. Because later you might invest more and buy an expensive camera body, then you do not need to be worried about your lenses because you can mount them on your new camera.

If you don’t want get lenses then my suggestion is just buying compact point and shoot camera and save your money. Remember DSLR cameras are not for everybody who can afford its price. These cameras are for the people who want to learn photography and improve their knowledge in this field so don’t get trapped in market advertisings.

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  • Brad Mol

    Brad Mol to Carl from a Facebook post. . I own the best most expensive systems by Canon, Contax, Phase One and others. I feel that the views of this article are dated and confused. You buy a system that fits your needs as well as your budget. Your mission or type of photography. It much like aviation. You don’t buy a sea or water plane if your not landing on water all of the time. There is street, landscape, journalism, documentary, etc., photography. There is a range of new systems out in the market that fit in between these categories of point and shoot and DSLR systems. Why carry around a huge DSLR system these days if you don’t need to. Are you making big prints? if not, why need the top resolving systems and dslrs? Many people buy them and don’t understand why they are buying them or even how to use them. I can show you a camera that fits in your pocket like a Sigma DPL 2 that takes better resolution photos than Canons best top of the line DSLR at a fraction of the price. It’s great for certain things like landscape but crap for street photography or almost anything else moving because the focusing, buffer and performance of the system is crap. But its the best resolution you will get before moving to medium format at tens of thousands of dollars. I could write a book on this stuff.