Photography Genres (Part 1)

Most trainees as a beginner photographer struggle so hard to get familiar with their cameras and learn how to control it. But after knowing their cameras and do some shooting for a while then a question appears: “what am I interested to shoot?” If you have enquired it then it’s time to learn about photography genres. Think of a driver who learns driving his car and gets his driving license then he needs to choose his destination. So let me shorten the introduction and begin to go through photography genres.

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1- Nature Photography :

This is a type of photography that most of us already know a little about it. The best example could be “National Geography” which you can find super awesome photographs. Nature photography can be divided in to three subcategories:

Landscape photography: The beauty of nature and environment is outstanding in this genre. Photographers avoid any man-made objects and human activities in their photographs; it’s purely nature and its charming beauty. The subjects are mountains, desert, waterfalls and fields. We try to get as much as we can in our camera’s frame. It’s obvious that photographers do some post-production to enhance the colors and tones.

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By: Kris Dutson

Wildlife Photography: Wildlife photography is one the most challenging genres and requires skill and expensive equipment. Showing animals’ beauty and life needs right place at right time because animals are unpredictable. As a wildlife photographer you have to be patient and spend hours to capture the right moment. And it’s also easy to guess that you must adapt yourself to tough situation.

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Underwater Photography: is one of the most charming photography forms. Again it’s essential to have specialized equipment and gears (water-tight camera housing). This form of photography illustrates the life under water. A photographer must learn scuba diving or snorkeling.

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By: David Doubilet

2 – Architectural Photography

Unlike nature photography, the architectural photography focuses on man-made buildings and architectures. It also can be divided to exterior and interior photography. Like nature photography, deep depth of field is the main characteristic in these photographs.

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 By: Thomas Holtkoetter

3 – Aerial Photography :

These photographs are taken from a plane, helicopter, kite and balloon and show the earth patterns from above. Photographers can mount the camera and use trigger or handheld the camera and click the shutter button.

To see more aerial photographs, visit this website:

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4 – Astrophotography

The subject’s concentration is on space and astronomical objects such as sun, moon, planets and galaxies. Long exposure is one of the techniques that have been used in this genre in order to capture some subjects which are normally invisible to human eyes and because of the earth rotation, the telescope has to rotate at opposite direction in order to freeze the  motion. Long exposure also makes too much noise in photographs so post processing is a must. There is special software for astronomical photo enhancement.

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Photo Source: Wikipedia

5 – Forensic Photography:

Crime Scene Photography is used for court or investigation. The photographer takes photos of objects, victims and places of a crime scene or accident in order to cover the whole story for later investigation. It is essential to shoot from different angels and also get some close up photos. Scaling is one of the important elements in this genre and provides accurate information about the size of objects and their positions in a crime scene. The photos must be in high resolution for later enlargement.

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6 – Macro Photography

Macro photography is quite well-known among photographers. Taking extreme close up of very small subjects differentiates it from other types of photography. Macro lens is the required lens for this genre and is quite expensive. Macro photography is fun and entertaining. The photographers give you great information of the subject in their photos that is barely visible to human’s eyes. Photomicrography is super extreme close up of microscopic subjects which work for scientific purposes.

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By: Luc Viatour /

Next month I’ll name and explain another six forms of photography in Part Two. So please follow us for next month Web Courses Bangkok blog post.

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