Process of Making Tri-Fold Brochure

Web Courses Bangkok is launching its new course called One Day Photography Course in 2nd of June. Therefore, one of our instructors, Pete assigned me to make Tri-Fold Brochure for our new course. This is the final brochure that i have done in Illustrator for new course.

web courses bangkok learn graphic design making tri fold brochure

Before i start making Tri-Fold brochure, it was quite hard for me to think of the way to make it, because Tri-Fold brochure is paper you fold it in 3 sides. Anyways i started making it using Adobe Illustrator using some images and contents provided. This is prototype that i have done.

web courses bangkok learn graphic design making tri fold brochure

I proposed my prototype brochure to meeting, but most of them didn’t like it. The reason was that:

1. Front cover should look fascinating to get attention of viewers.

2. Photography brochure should include less text, qualified and lots of photos since this brochure presents photography course.

3. Graphics for my prototype doesn’t look exciting.

Based on these criticism, I started making a good plan to make brochure step by step, here is my planning:

1. Brainstorming  and choosing an idea

2. Wireframing

3.  Final Design using Adobe Illustrator

I started brainstorming how i want it to look like exactly in my mind. I needed more images, less content which is straight to the point. I wanted front cover to look fascinating. After that i started making UX Design.

 Front Side Wireframing :

web courses bangkok learn graphic design making trifold brochure

Back Side Wireframing :

web courses bangkok learn graphic design making tri fold brochure

If you notice my UX Design, I planned to use big clear images and less text applying our teams criticism. Eventually i designed everything in Adobe Illustrator following my clear UX design and collaborating Web Courses Bangkok color theme. Final outcome is  a nice looking  Tri-Fold brochure. Here we go:

web courses bangkok learn graphic design tri fold brochure tutroial

learn graphic design web courses bangkok making tri fold brochure

In conclusion, when you make Tri-Fold brochure try to plan everything step by step. It’s actually quite easy to make Tri-Fold brochure if you plan everything in order and graphics depends on what that brochure is for.If you are making Tri-Fold brochure in order to deliver info about the company then use less images and more content. In my case I needed more images than content. For me it took almost 3 days to finish all of them while having just a few problems. Now it seems quite simple.  Hope this article helps you.

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