Project Management Tools Review

browser apps for chrome, mobile devices and desktop tools that will help you to manage your projects in a better way

Today i want to propose you something different from tutorials or interviews. Many of view are dealing everyday with team work, deadlines and huge list of to-do’s and if you aren’t good enough to manage the amount of information that you collect after every meeting or completed task you might end up slowing down the workflow or worst miss a deal or lose an important client.

And if you were wondering what we use at WCB, we use Trello and TeamworkPM on a daily basis and Wunderlist/Wunderkit on a personal level.

So here we go with the list!



Way beyond a simple conferencing tool. Just think of it as virtual conferencing room where you can share in real-time images, videos, files and use the whiteboard and drawing tools to give more power to meetings and anyone that is allowed to join can contribute in the same way. All the tasks and operations are tracked, updated and saved in your own private room.


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Trello helps to organize all your projects into boards so that you can easily see what has done, what’s is underwork and what’s next on the list.

The interface is extremely easy to browse and everything you need is on the screen, crystal clear.


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Teambox main feature and difference between other tak managments apps for Chrome is its design.

Infact what you’ll see it’s an activity stream that somehow reminds the one that you’re used to on Facebook and this allows you to have your own private social network.

Also important (from a customer point of view) the support team is extremely active, according to some users that experienced an issue.


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5pm – Project Managment


5PM it’s another online collaboration tool that features a really interface as everything is available in one screen only and a really nice GANTT that helps to keep track of every change (Gantt chart is a type of bar chart, developed by Henry Gantt, that illustrates a project schedule).

The Spider Scribe plug-in also helps to create mindmaps which are vital when working in a team.


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LATEST NEWS: Wunderkit was supposed to be a commercial tool but the developers decided to set it as free for all. And isn’t over here..

Wunderkit it’s a multiplatform/mobile tool to organize all your life’s projects and yes,it’s the big brother of the wonderful Wunderlist.

While this last one is mainly oriented to keep track of personal to-do’s, the Kit edition is the one that features a beautiful interface, team managment at its best with a social network flavour for updates and “likes!”. But isn’t over here: there’s a dashboard to keep track of team progress, a task organizer, tools for brainstorming sessions.

And coming up soon “Files”, the feature that will permit users to host/save their files and that will be available in 2 versions (Free / Pro for $4.99), according to the desidered amount of space.


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Clinked let you firstly create a team where you can invite your friends or collegues to join,

so that online pages can be created, files can be uploaded, events can be created, tasks can be assigned,

discussions can be host and finally members permissions can be managed.

All these are managed from the group homepage. Very easy to use and with a pleasant interface.


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As the name suggests, this more whiteboard oriented than the usual design/structure a project managment tool can have.

You can upload document, scribble in your browser and all the discussion are held in one single place.

I personally think it can be used as an additional tool where to hold brianstorming session to receive instant feedback

before tracking down all the steps on a separate project managment tool.


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Extremely minimal interface but still very easy to use for team collaboration purposes or simply to track down your personal stuff.

The main flagship is the collaborative decision making (CDM), a project tracking module, but more of these add-ons are supposed to be available later on.

Doesn’t have the bells and whistles that many other project management tools have but the simplicity is the winning factor which is what users mentioned on their reviews aswell.


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Here’s another tool that also features a Social Network environment, in the same way it happens with Teambox (which i’ve mentioned before) and it’s Agile Methodologies based

It runs in the cloud so safety is assured and all activities are managed through a clean white/green interface where text is the main thing that you see, compared to Concept Board which is purely visual.

I personally like that only the avatars choosen by the team members are visible as it makes easy to spot words and subjects between the text.

GoogleDocs integration is indeed available other than a nice elegant GANTT chart.


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Hojoki is the newsfeed for your productivity apps: Integrate Google Docs, Dropbox and others into one activity stream and collaborate with team members. You can integrate your favorite apps and online tools such as Twitter, DeLicious, Dropbox, Google Docs & Calendar,etc.

You can read the full list here.

Same as happens with Teamwork & Moovia, you can keep track of what’s goin’ on through a newsfeed social media style. Infact you can set status msg & leave comments.


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Features SCRUMM Methodology, individual tasks assignment so that users can assigns tasks based on priority or by deadline.

The discussions are organized in a very clean interface that’s setup up like in a forum with threaded entries and beside that, a Meebo chat bar which supports the major IM protocols so that there’s no need to run separate softwares to interact with other team members.


Chrome Web Store:

Ace Project


Ace Project helps to keep track of your team activities through project management (GANTT chats, calendar, to-do’s, etc.), document management (sharing and locking files for example), timesheet management, expenses management, HR management (resources allocation, security and access rights,etc) and more.

The basic package lets you create 5 users, 5 projects, 50 tasks and gives you 250mb of space.

There’s also an intranet package if you prefer to install it on your server and host all the files and informations shared and manage the whole thing on your own.


Chrome Web Store:

Planbox – Agile Project Management Tool


Based on SCRUMM Methodology same as Freedcamp, Planbox allows you to structure your projects through 4 levels of hyerarchy:

Initiative, Project, Item, Task (this last one allows you to invite stakeholders and clients to a project).

So for example, the Initiative level lets you control permissions while the Project level lets you add members and set them as workers or observers. Items are what those involves in a project are working at.

The interface is detailed and gives your control on all the aspect, including time estimated and time logging and you can filter out all informations you don’t need. Not to mention that it integrates with Zendesk, SnapEngage, SVN etc..


Chrome Web Store:



TeamworkPM is a really nice project/task management tool which helps you to work faster & access to it basically anywhere as it’s available also as iOS app.

You can create your own team, set-up roadmapsand keep updated your members in real-time as emails are sent out as soon as a milestone is reached or if there’s an update or a new step added to the project.

Another major thing is the integration with services such as Box, Dropbox, Freshbooks, GDocs and more.

Few users of this app that are worth to be mentioned: Hallmark, ElectronicArts and Lacie


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  • Kael

    Great article. Thanks for the tips. As a Project Manager, I am always looking for a better software to manage my team’s tasks. Just in case you are looking for outsourced reps, you may check the site I recently joined which is and its pretty similar to Odesk but they have great contractors and effective management staff.

  • sveta

    Well, I was surprised to meet here the names of the tool that I have never met before and they look rather catching. I can offer one more tool for you which is Comindware task managment tool which has lots of nice options for team work and project management.

    • Carl Heaton

      Glad we can show you some more options. Can you tell us about Comindware, is it something you are using?

      • sveta

        Yes, i am using it and here is the link to the software:

        • sveta

          Sorry, this is the best link for you –

  • Amanda Fong

    I’m happy to see you recommending Planbox! Here’s a more recent video ( The tool grows very quickly with all the amazing feedback we gather from our users.

    Planbox is incredibly easy and straightforward to use even for people who don’t use Agile methodology, but at the same time, it’s very powerful so that it’s useful for planning and decision making.

    Let me know if you’d like to know more! :) It’d be my pleasure to show you personally how the tool could work out for you!

    Amanda Fong
    Commmunity Manager, Planbox

  • Thomas

    Thanks for leaving comments Kael and Sveta.

    Amanda, my pleasure to see your post here and yes, Planbox is a very lovely tool indeed, that’s why i thought it was worth mentioning it here.

    Feel free to come visit us if you plan to spend some time over there in Thailand.

    We’re a team of people that LOVE this job and our students are the living proof of that.


  • Bill

    Great. I really need it.

  • Marianna Mills

    I did not use these systems, but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews of these systems. We are not a big IT company and have long used a system of collaboration . This system is ideal for task management tool, but it does not have the module “Project Management”. Perhaps it will suit you or you can search for other systems.

  • Time Sheet

    I had already heard about some of the above project management tools, such as 5pm, Trello, etc. But there are some new and exiting tools as well. Thanks.