Very Basic Web Page Design Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the design standard tool for making web page designs. This tutorial teaches you step by step on how to make a very simple web page design. The design is not by any means flashy but it does show you how to use the many tools Photoshop has to offer to make a nice clean design.


You can download the work files and complete PSD here.

A little advise before starting the video, I find it best to have the video playing next to Photoshop s you can pause the video as you complete the same actions in Photoshop. However just watch the video first and then go through with Photoshop later, makes life much easier!

This video was part of our 2010 series of beginner courses, click here for more information on our new Web Design Beginner course.

  • Anastacia Victor

    I tried it and it worked. I got it the same way the Instructor did in the video. Thanks for increasing my very little or nothing at all Photoshop abilities.