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Hi, my name is MC van Rensburg. I am a Web Designer and WordPress Developer from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of blogging, and my sports website “Outside the 22” has just won a Bronze South African Web Award. With help from Carl, Zack and all the wonderful people at Web Courses Bangkok, I took me and my friend’s idea (we always talked about having a sport blog) from dream to reality.

I started my Web Design journey a year ago

I had to wonderful opportunity to study at Web Courses Bangkok in October 2011. I arrived a scared, inexperienced, self taught “Web Designer”, primarily using the Dreamweaver WYSIWYG interface to write my code. The WCB team quickly took me from “noob” to “leet” in a matter of 2 months.

Not only did I actually find out what WordPress was, but I could actually write code for it. Although I was extremely intimidated by the thought of writing my own code without their assistance when I arrived back in South Africa, they had taught me how to improve my skills on my own, just using the internet.

After a few months of freelance work in Cape Town, I finally found some free time to start work on our sports blog. My friends and I got together for a few beers (all enjoyed in moderation of course) and discussed our vision of what we would like to do with our site.  We decided upon a site that would not report news, but would rather stir some controversy within the community, and would not be scared to speak our mind on sport topics, matches or individuals.

With some sweat and hard work, the site started to take shape very nicely

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I even asked help from Carl at WCB without him realizing it. His door is always open to questions and never hesitates to lend assistance with any problems I have. Not just on this particular site, but on any freelance jobs I have.

Outside the 22 officially launched the 14th of September this yearAlmost exactly a year after starting my 2 month course at WCB. It exceeded our immediate expectations and we received much more visitors than expected, almost forcing us to buy more hosting bandwith within the first 2 weeks of the site being up and running!

To date, we have had more than 2800 visitors and we have won a Bronze SAWA! Feel free to visit us at www.outsidethe22.co.za and have your say!
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WCB not only teaches you excellent skills, but helps you to teach yourself

and will help you opening up enormous doors to your own future in web design, I am living proof of that . The possibilities are endless. Excited about the Web? You haven’t seen anything yet until you’ve been to WCB!


Want to learn Web Design?

Mc van Rensburg completed the webdesign beginner and intermediate course at our school. Want to earn money with making websites just like him? Learn about Html,CSS and WordPress at Web Courses Bangkok and sign up right now! Use any contact form on our site and we will get back to you. Carl

  • Koen

    You got some nice articles and pictures on there. A website must look good to attract people but in the end it’s all about the content to keep them coming back to your site.

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