“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”
In this month Web Courses Bangkok Photography blog post I would like to share photographers frequently asked questions and provide you answers to those questions. There are some misunderstandings about photography among beginners which you will see in question forms. Each question can give you a good tip in photography.

Does an expensive camera make you a good photographer?

The answer is “No”. An expensive camera doesn’t make you a good photographer. First, How many people do you know who have spent thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses but they still do shooting on automate mode? So I ask them “Why do you spend this much money on a camera while you do not know how to get the best of your camera? Isn’t it better to go for a digital compact camera which is lighter to carry and save some money?” When you pay for a DSLR camera means that you must be able to control your camera and not let your camera controlling you.

Second, camera is a tool or device in photographer’s hand. Camera does not take pictures but photographers do. The term “Photography” is a Greek term and means “drawing with light”, but the question is what do you want draw with light and how professionally draw with light? Becoming a good photographer needs knowledge, skill and creativity. If you achieve these elements then you can take a great and compelling photograph with just a cheap compact camera or mobile phone.

The right equipment just makes your shooting faster and maybe more convenient.

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Which file format should you shoot “Jpeg or Raw”?

When you get such an expensive camera means that you want to learn photography or work as a photographer. So this is a good tip “Always shoot in Raw”. In DSLR camera, you can set the image quality to Jpeg, Raw or RAW+JPEG.  I don’t have intention to get in to technical details and explain the advantage and disadvantage of each file format. But it’s important to know that Raw files suits the best for post production, especially when you work with Photoshop Camera Raw feature in CS5. Raw will give you much more control over how your image looks and even be able to correct several mistakes you may have committed when you took the photograph such as exposure, white balance and noise reduction.

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Do you need to edit your photograph after shooting?

Photo editing is the process of altering images in post production which can be done in either Digital or analogue photography.  You need to enhance or adjust your photographs after shooting.  In photo editing you are able to adjust the brightness, contrast, white balance, color, saturation, sharpen and many more.  Even if you have the best or the most expensive camera still you need to edit your photographs. But photo editing needs practicing and skills. Here are some before and after editing examples:


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Do you always have to follow “The rule of thirds”?

For beginners is essential to practice and follow the rule of thirds. I always encourage my trainees to practice. It makes the photographs look better and acceptable. However, this rule can be broken later. It’s a good tip “Follow the rules and then break them”.

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How much time do you need to spend on shooting as a beginner?

I strongly recommend my trainees to do photography whenever they have free time without any excuse.  You can’t improve your skill just by sitting and looking at photographers’ work on facebook.

We need to avoid the way we used to see the world before and learn how to see it differently. Even if you are sitting and waiting for a cup of coffee in a coffee shop (without your camera), challenge yourself, look around carefully and find the best composition and angles.

Camera doesn’t make magic but you do and the more photographs you get, the better photographer you get. So here is another tip: “Do not stop taking photographs “. Photography must become a routine in your life. Photography is not a hobby, it is life.

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