What Our Clients Think We Do and What We Actually Do as Web Designers?

Web design projects can be sometimes a lot different from time to time. Handling can be different as there are projects that run smoother than others. Here’s how we blew off the challenge. Read More…

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How to Test your Website in Different Browsers Online

Here in WCB we optimistically believe that there will be a shiny day when all browsers will display our websites identically. But by the moment this article is being written that day is still pretty far away and we are still faced a necessity to test the websites we build on different platforms, devices and browsers to make sure our customer will be happy in the end.

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Alexandra - fishing in Thailand

Alexandra – fishing in Thailand

A couple of years ago I took a WordPress course which helped me to make my first web site about fishing.

Since that time I’ve built two sites using skills I learned from the course. Read More…

Make your newsletters worth reading

Make your newsletters worth reading

Isn’t it annoying when every time you open your email there is at least couple new sales pitches from companies you didn’t even remember to be existed? Yes, you might have bought one or two products from their online store or visited their website one time or so, but now you find yourself spending more time erasing your emails than actually reading them. So have the newsletters lost their hope completely? The answer is no. There are few quite simple ways making newsletters more effective to get readers attention and in this article I’m going to tell you how.

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Rebecca - Marketing and E-Commerce Courses

Rebecca – Marketing and E-Commerce Courses

When I went to web courses- my knowledge of websites and much beyond social media was zero (which was useful for my e-commerce online store). Read More…

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15 Things Every Web Design Course Should Have

What every web design course must have? What you should look for in a web design course? When you’re looking for the right workshop or web design course at least the basics must be covered. You’ll want to look for one that gives you extras as well. Read More…

Social media: The good, the bad and the stupid

Social media: The good, the bad and the stupid

We all have our things that we love and hate about Social Media. As part of our Social Media Marketing course we always ask what our trainees love and hate about SMM and the answers are all different but there are patterns that emerge. These similarities can help you know what to do more and avoid all together: Read More…

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Content Strategist Alyce Currier from Wistia Talks About her Exciting Job

Content strategy is a vital part of any company and we just wish more companies would see it that way. If they did the web would be a better place to read. If you enjoy writing and coming up with new ideas then this interview with the very friendly Alyce Currier from Wistia will set you on the right path. Read More…

The 10 best jQuery plugins to enhance your website

The 10 best jQuery plugins to enhance your website

So you’re down with WordPress, doing html in your sleep and css’ing like a champion but your websites still lacks that little flair that really shows off your web design panache. Well this article and 10 of my favourite jQuery plugins is just what you need to give your websites some more of that ‘POP-POP’ (as Magnitude from Community would say).

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How can you do user testing with limited time and a low budget.

User experience design is a relatively new field in the web industry and it’s all about a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use of a system. The main goal of good user experience is to design the system that a person of average experience will be able to use for its intended purpose without getting frustrated. Although hiring a user experience designer might be expensive there are some methods you can use to test your own project. Read More…

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