Tutorial:  Do you want to create your first GIF with me?

Tutorial: Do you want to create your first GIF with me?

Today I want to show you how to make a GIF using Photoshop. I am sure you want to know! Read More…

An interview with Atikun, our new team member!

An interview with Atikun, our new team member!

This is our new team member: Atikun!

Today was his first day at WCB and he enjoyed working with us! Our WCBear had an interview with our motivated Content Specialist and Instructor.

Stay here and learn more about our new team member!

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Tutorial - Geometric Design Tool

Tutorial – Geometric Design Tool

Illustrator is a great tool to create patterns and designs with. With a few clicks and a little Illustrator savviness, you can create your own icons, custom brushes (for this tutorial, Read More…

10 ways to track time of your projects

10 ways to track time of your projects

Do you know how much time you or your team spend on each task that you are required to go through for each project?

Do you need to keep track time of your assignments in order to properly bill your client?

Or do you simply want to check how much time you or your collaborators spend on a task and try to reduce the time frame?

Keeping track of your projects probably gives you a headache, especially if you work as a team. Read More…

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Some incredibly useful inspiration websites for designers and developers

When it comes to web design it is not always easy to find inspiration for niche websites, like a website for knitting or for that client who wants to show off his cork collection.  Still, you have to find something that your client will love and that is worth the money he is giving to you. Read More…

how to install custom font featured image

How to Install Custom Font on Your Website

Who doesn’t want their website to look unique? Use custom font to make your website stands out from the crowd Read More…

Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Custom Brushes in Illustrator

Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Custom Brushes in Illustrator

You can do a lot with Brush Tools in Illustrator. From creating ink splatters and paint effects to calligraphic text and playful shapes – the options are endless. Why? Because you can create, edit and add many Brush Tools by yourself!

But before you sink into despair, know that creating your own custom brushes isn’t as hard as you think!

Today I’ll show you how you can create your own Brush Tools and how to use them to create a floral design!

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9 Ways to Keep your Website Running Smooth

Think that once you’ve got your website you can sit back and relax?  Think again.

Most of us know that WordPress offers a lot of advantages for everybody who wants to have a blog or a website.  It’s free, it is easy to use, it has great community support and it offers an enormous amount of plugins. Not surprisingly, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.  Over 40% of the CSM based websites use WordPress, but maintenance is a must.

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Save your Tears. Migrate your Website with Duplicator.

So, you’ve decided to go your separate ways. You wanted different things and it was best to just move on, but breaking up with your hosting company can still be difficult.

A Julia Roberts movie and a gallon of ice cream usually help in those first days of a breakup, but are you really going to cry into a bucket of Rocky Road over switching to a new hosting company?

Migrating your website doesn’t have to be painful.  The Duplicator plugin for WordPress can make the rebound a whole lot easier.  This tutorial will show you how to move your existing WordPress site and all of its content to a new hosting service in under 30 minutes.

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Today’s Menu: 10 Recently Released Free & Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes

Today’s Menu: 10 Recently Released Free & Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes

Finding the right Restaurant Theme can be as tricky as baking an apricot soufflé with raspberry coulis. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and you’ll probably won’t be able to get it right the first couple of tries.

But when you finally do, you’ll realize why your efforts were worthwhile.

The Theme of your website is the first giveaway on what kind of business you’re running: it’s is a telltale sign on what kind of food you serve, what the ambiance is like and what kind of visitors you want to attract – it lets your guests get acquainted with your restaurant.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress Themes to choose from, so how do you find the right Restaurant Theme without reaching your boiling point?

Have a seat, that’s why we’ve assembled two five-layered treats for you: A Free Restaurant Themes Trifle and a Premium Restaurant Themes Tiramisu.

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