Our top 5 Hand-picked Free & Paid Wordpress Blog Theme

Our top 5 Hand-picked Free & Paid WordPress Blog Theme

Choosing a theme for your website can be quite overwhelming especially for beginner blogger/writer. It could take you forever just to find “the one” that most suits your need especially when thousands of them exist on the internet. For many people, the task is no different from finding a needle in a haystack. Many bloggers/writers falter at this step and lose the chance to share their greatness with the rest of the world. However, in this digital age, no Shakespeare is going to be discovered offline. To prevent that from happening, we have compiled a list of blog themes that will get you started in just seconds.

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Best of the Best Video Embedding Websites

Best of the Best Video Embedding Websites

The past few years have paved the way for the growing online influence and popularity of video content as more and more people across the world now get to enjoy easy access to the internet. Right now, videos are no longer for entertainment purposes but are also considered as a vital component for establishing a brand’s online presence and is virtually used in almost every industry. Read More…

Ai for Beginners Tutorial: Placing Images in Text by Using Clipping Masks

Ai for Beginners Tutorial: Placing Images in Text by Using Clipping Masks

Playing around with fonts and texts is really fun, and perhaps one of the coolest functions of Adobe Illustrator is being able to take text and have it reflect an image, texture, or other pattern as its so-called color “swatch.” While the program comes with many swatches and patterns of its own, sometimes there may be a really cool photo, woodgrain, plaid, or other pattern you’d like for your text to adopt. This can be very easily accomplished by using clipping masks. Read More…


NextGen Gallery Alternatives Because Now it’s Rubbish 

The release of NextGen Gallery 2 excites many people as it is believed to offer enormous features and interface is not available in other versions People are ecstatic to get the best feedback which make this as an essential option. On the other hand, as compared to other part.

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These 10 Learning Management Systems Might be the Answer to Your Needs

These 10 Learning Management Systems Might be the Answer to Your Needs

The most important wealth you must conserve and maximize is the human capital. It’s not always easy to instantly build a great powerhouse for your company. Hundreds of applicants might willingly wait in line just to be a part of your workforce, but not all of them are fast learners who can memorize the workflow of your company in a day or two. Sure, some may have great potential that can be developed through intensive learning and training. Read More…


Hiring a Photographer: What You Are Actually Paying For?

The real score is that, if you have actually worked for a good photographer then you have also learned that good photography is really expensive.

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Prezi vs Power Point, Which Is Better for Wowing An Audience?

Which is better for wowing an audience, a Prezi or a Power Point presentation? Comparing the two is quite difficult because both of them have pros and cons in terms of their usage. Whatever you choose, the result of the presentation will greatly depend on the content and the way you present it. However, better understanding on the two programs is a must for you to make a wise decision in choosing the most appropriate program for your school project or business presentation. Read More…


What Our Clients Think We Do and What We Actually Do as Web Designers?

Web design projects can be sometimes a lot different from time to time. Handling can be different as there are projects that run smoother than others. Here’s how we blew off the challenge. Read More…

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How to Test your Website in Different Browsers Online

Here in WCB we optimistically believe that there will be a shiny day when all browsers will display our websites identically. But by the moment this article is being written that day is still pretty far away and we are still faced a necessity to test the websites we build on different platforms, devices and browsers to make sure our customer will be happy in the end.

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Alexandra - fishing in Thailand

Alexandra – fishing in Thailand

A couple of years ago I took a WordPress course which helped me to make my first web site about fishing.

Since that time I’ve built two sites using skills I learned from the course. Read More…

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