An interview with the founder of Facebook's fast growing community DSBKK: Samantha Proyrungtong.

An interview with the founder of Facebook’s fast growing community DSBKK: Samantha Proyrungtong.

Do you fancy to run your own Facebook group? This article will help you knowing what it takes to run a manage a Facebook community successfully.

In this article we interview the founder of the very successful Facebook group named Desperately Seeking Bangkok (DSBKK). DSBKK is a thriving community based resource for advising and referring about life in Bangkok.

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Chatting with UX pioneer, Andy Budd

Chatting with UX pioneer, Andy Budd

Carl sits down with Andy Budd, a pioneer in UX design, author of CSS Mastery, founder of Clearleft, a UX Consultancy and Web Design Agency in the UK, and was named one of Wired UK’s top 100 digital power brokers.

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Social Media Manager Carolin

Social Media Manager Carolin

While I had already worked with html a little bit before my aim for the course was to really understand how html and css come together and structure this in my head so I could use it properly. I wanted to create my own WordPress blog and the course ultimately helped me modify my design and put my site live within two weeks of completing the course.

The class was fun and very practical

The teaching was great, I still have Carls voice in my head whenever I write or modify code, which is reminding me of the essentials and helping me to avoid mistakes. The class was fun and very practical so I could directly put the stuff I learned to use and see my very first page develop lesson after lesson. It was also good to get homework and send them back to then get feedback the next lesson!

You can find more about Carolin at

Interview with Paul Boag

Interview with Paul Boag

This week we have an opportunity to talk to a very special guest. The interview happened when our intern Olli stumble upon a blog post on Boagworld and was amazed by the content of the article. Olli quickly shoot an email to the blog’s owner and was surprise to get a very immediate response from Paul Boag himself.

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reading a book

Content Strategist Alyce Currier from Wistia Talks About her Exciting Job

Content strategy is a vital part of any company and we just wish more companies would see it that way. If they did the web would be a better place to read. If you enjoy writing and coming up with new ideas then this interview with the very friendly Alyce Currier from Wistia will set you on the right path. Read More…

Hello designers and online entrepreneurs meet the creator of WireMagic

Hello designers and online entrepreneurs meet the creator of WireMagic

So this week we got the opportunity to talk to the people behind wireMagic, an incredibly useful library for adobe Illustrator that allows you to create complex wireframes with ease. We have started using this awesome library at WCB and thought its the perfect time to give a mention to the creators at WUWA, here’s what they had to tell us: Read More…

what does pete R do

Interview with Pete R. a designer with big dreams

This week we had the opportunity to talk to a local inspiration! Today we present to you Mr. Pete R., a self made entrepreneur looking to conquer his dream right out of the street of the city of Angels. Just back to Bangkok after another-one of his experience seeking travels, this is what he had to tell us about becoming your own man in these modern times: Read More…

gemma purnell adwords expert

Here’s why you need to learn Google Adwords, the expert speaks

Google Adwords, the most powerful advertisement tool in the world (and the reason google earns so much money), still remains quite the intimidating contraptions for most business owners out there.   Read More…

jumpstarter logo

Interview with Daniel Marklund co-founder of


We had the pleasure to talk to Daniel Marklund from, one of the most innovative hosting companies in existence today. Read More…

Nathan Manousos picture

Interview with Nathan Manousos from

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Manousos, the designer responsible for the awesome Read More…

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