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By Yui

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An interview with Yui a new intern at WCB

A little bit about me Hello World! My name is Daungsuree Younaiwong but my friends call me Yui.  I am presently in my third semester studying for a Master’s degree in web engineering at Dhurakit Bundit University.  The course is given in Thai language.


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Famous First Tweets & How to Embed Them

Now you may think I chose this topic because I’m a tweeting maniac but I’ve only ever posted one tweet!  But actually I chose this topic to write about as I thought it sounded the most fun and intriguing! Let’s hope these first tweets live up to my expectations… So my first challenge was to actually find these websites ‘that all web designers know’.  I’m not a web designer (yet) so this was a bit tricky for … Read More


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11 Chrome Extensions that Web Developers Love

Google Chrome Extensions aren’t just for blocking ads, collecting your mail, and playing addictive java games, there are some fantastic tools out there which are extremely useful. To discover and highlight some of the better chrome extensions available we decided to ask a group of our web professionals what they use and enjoy. Here are the extensions they recommended:


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Some incredibly useful inspiration websites for designers and developers

  Mr. Smith wants lots of cat pictures?  Will do, sir. Miss Groovy would love to have a pink website?  Sure thing, madam, let’s build it! Now you are in pain trying to deal with your clients’ expectations and the business reality. In case you need help to find inspiration, this article has plenty of websites that can assist you with pictures, design and colors, so read on!


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How to use A WordPress Child Theme

So, you’ve downloaded plugins and customized your site as best you can, but it’s still not what you’ve imagined. Before you get your hands dirty and start changing the behind-the-scenes code, a child theme might be the next thing you should be looking for.