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Why are Hotels throwing away money?

  This article is dedicated to all the hotels’ owners or managers who wish to increase the number of bookings via pay-per-click advertising. Actually you will see a real example how if you don’t leverage the paid advertising you are losing every month significant amount of money.


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Re-marketing Tactics With Adwords

If you have ever done your own marketing campaign, you may have noticed how this endeavor can be an extremely daunting task.  You may also notice your efforts have produced results that have not been what you were expecting. So, in order to increase your marketing results, you may have to change your tactics. 


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Creating a minimalistic movie poster design in Photoshop

Simple and clean design, it’s a term you have heard hundreds of times, but take my word for this; in the design industry it is our everyday currency. Most of the meetings we hold with clients whirlwind around a very prevalent topic: how can we get you to remove most of the useless stuff that clutter your site and instead choose a simpler design?


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How can I see my UX through my visitors eyes?

If you were a fly on the wall of most web design agencies your poor head would be buzzing with the repeated words of clean, responsive, amongst many others but the new guy in trendy web town is UX design. Essentially it’s making a site or app that gives good user experience. So in 2014 how do you know your getting it right?


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How to make a Facebook logo with Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator makes creating a logo easier than ever. Although the interface may look daunting, Illustrator offers some really simple solution to seemingly complex problems. All it takes is a basic knowledge of some simple tools and concepts. After this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of some of these which you can then use in your other projects.