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Some incredibly useful inspiration websites for designers and developers

  Mr. Smith wants lots of cat pictures?  Will do, sir. Miss Groovy would love to have a pink website?  Sure thing, madam, let’s build it! Now you are in pain trying to deal with your clients’ expectations and the business reality. In case you need help to find inspiration, this article has plenty of websites that can assist you with pictures, design and colors, so read on!


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How to use A WordPress Child Theme

So, you’ve downloaded plugins and customized your site as best you can, but it’s still not what you’ve imagined. Before you get your hands dirty and start changing the behind-the-scenes code, a child theme might be the next thing you should be looking for.


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Internship, Self-Training and University: Who really cares about ME?

In short, what university’s offers to those looking to get into the web industry is the chance to learn mostly theory. There might be some practice involved but I have unfortunately come to notice that most university’s and college’s are teaching a few years behind current web standards. Here at WCB we use the newest software at the agency, so thus we also teach the newest versions to students.


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Great Advice for SEO and Online Marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique which enables search engines find and rank your site higher by organizing and arranging your information and online presence in a certain manner.  This allows your site to come ranked higher in the search results than thousands of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines.


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Thought you would never understand WordPress Pages, Posts and Categories? Think Again!

These days it’s simpler than ever for someone to create a website, no matter their level of experience. With a few simple clicks, one can have a WordPress site up and ready. For some, the hardest part is getting past the “Hello World” stage, to a fully functional and navigable site. Don’t start pulling out the remaining hair on your head just yet. We have the answers you’ve been waiting for.