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Keeping Your Website Healthy

You wouldn’t spend good money on a new car only to neglect its basic care and maintenance. So why neglect your website, which for many businesses, is the first face your customers will see? Site maintenance isn’t difficult to do, it’s just that it is easy to brush off until the next day, and the next, and the next. Don’t make this mistake because a small task can very quickly turn into weekends spent behind a computer … Read More


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Why Getting to the Top of Google is so Hard?

It is every web-owner’s dream to be on top of Google search list. However, very much like climbing Mt. Everest, only a few make it to the top. Moreover, it is those who are equipped with the right tools and a well-planned strategy that will be able to avoid falling down. In order to climb the rank of Google, one must know more about how the ranking system works. Here are explanations of why it is so … Read More


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These 10 Learning Management Systems Might be the Answer to Your Needs

You’re never too late to catch up with other globally-competitive learning institutions and companies. Thanks to the online age when everything is virtually done. Learning Management Systems (LMS) might be the answer to your needs. This software package enables cost-efficient learning and training by allowing learners to complete a systematic course units and take assessments. Check these ten LMSs out. One might be ideal for you. 1.  Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) Moodle is free to use … Read More


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Prezi vs Power Point, Which Is Better for Wowing An Audience?

Which is better for wowing an audience, a Prezi or a Power Point presentation? Comparing the two is quite difficult because both of them have pros and cons in terms of their usage. Whatever you choose, the result of the presentation will greatly depend on the content and the way you present it. However, better understanding on the two programs is a must for you to make a wise decision in choosing the most appropriate program for … Read More


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How to Test your Website in Different Browsers Online

Here in WCB we optimistically believe that there will be a shiny day when all browsers will display our websites identically. But by the moment this article is being written that day is still pretty far away and we are still faced a necessity to test the websites we build on different platforms, devices and browsers to make sure our customer will be happy in the end.