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Survival skills for the designer/developer jungle

While the knowledge of creating code, making stunning designs remain vital. As the recruitment world becomes more and more competitive a there are some sub skills that will make you a more effective team member in an agency or even as a freelancer. You can be the most talented person in the room but if your not a team player and nobody wants to work with you sooner or later you’ll run out of people willing to … Read More


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Interview Troy Fawkes SEO expert

Troy Fawkes SEO expert and team leader for SEO company Powered by Search based in Canada was kind enough to take time to answer a few questions. We love the answers he gave us. He shares how he got into SEO, even a summer spent following a millionaire affiliate from London to Stockholm and how he would change Google.


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3 Sites under the magnifying glass

We spend more time looking at websites than your average user. We see lots of good sites, but we see a lot more bad ones. So it really is best to make your sites as pleasurable and user friendly as possible. Of course you should have great SEO so that I easily find your site in the first place. 


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What does your logo say about you?

We all know that first impressions are important. Often, your business’s first contact with the world is the logo that you choose. More than just a simple image or font, a logo can represent the fundamentals of your organization- who you are, where you’re coming from, and where you are going.


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Give your mindmaps more thought with these 5 mindmap builders?

Mindmapping is a great way to show how you are going to plan out your site or project. Giving yourself and also clients a visual representation of how the site is going to flow and any areas that may need to be sectioned off or could be merged to cut down on menus. We usually use for site maps but since it does no harm to look around for new and better options. I try’d out … Read More


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Reincarnation from the blacklist plague?

Imagine you’ve finally reached a point where your site is nicely ranked on google for example. You’ve used all the sneaky naughty tricks you read about to raise your ranking. Then BOOM the next day you’re checking your ranking and you find your site is on the blacklist. A blacklist is essentially just a compiled list of IP addresses which have been detected by search engines or reported blacklisting tools for not operating within the accepted web … Read More


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How can I tell what my users want?

When looking for new ideas for your company whether it’s the latest marketing or design ideas. You could lock everyone in your company in a room with no food until you either starve coming up with the best ideas or start working out who to eat first. Your internet audience grows everyday but mind reading isn’t easy so how do you find out what they want?…