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Quick Tip to Making a Website Banner in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I am trying to show how to make simple banner which presents Responsive Design website in few steps. Read More…

browser apps for chrome, mobile devices and desktop tools that will help you to manage your projects in a better way

Project Management Tools Review


Need to improve your productivity and team managment at work? Join my trip through desktop applications and  apps for mobile devices and Google Chrome. Read More…

Benjamin Powell - Director IRLShooter

Benjamin Powell – Director IRLShooter

Hi Ben, it’s great to have you here with us today and thank you for participating in our interview. For those who don’t know you could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do ?
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Photography Genres (Part 1)

Most trainees as a beginner photographer struggle so hard to get familiar with their cameras and learn how to control it. But after knowing their cameras and do some shooting for a while then a question appears: “what am I interested to shoot?” If you have enquired it then it’s time to learn about photography genres. Think of a driver who learns driving his car and gets his driving license then he needs to choose his destination. So let me shorten the introduction and begin to go through photography genres.

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Dejan Cancarevic - Project Manager of ManageWP.com

Dejan Cancarevic – Project Manager of ManageWP.com

Today’s interview is with Dejan Cancarevic, who is a Project Manager of  ManageWP platform, book author and entrepreneur.

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Nobody Cares About Your Fanpage?

Nobody Cares About Your Fanpage?

There are two main reasons that people just don`t care and those are the context of your fanpage and its content. So how do you fix it? What context can you use to improve ROI and what content will help you achieve your long term goals? This post aims to answer these questions.  Read More…

Design Fundamentals and The Golden Section Rectangle

Design Fundamentals and The Golden Section Rectangle

Sorry guys, I’m gonna say it… being a designer isn’t about being able to use Photoshop, Illustrator, fireworks or whatever tool, knowing the creative suite, doesn’t magically make you a designer. You can be the best photoshop monkey in the world, you can tell me what every single tool in the photoshop palette does, every layer blending mode is backwards, but this won’t make you a designer or help you when designing, sure you’ll be able to create some fun effects, but it won’t help you with layouts or typography. Photoshop, illustrator, fireworks are all tools, only tools, just because you can hammer a nail into a piece of wood doesn’t make you a carpenter. Part of being a designer is knowing design basics… a fundamental set of rules that will help you when creating a layout or design, and you use these tools for which ever medium your designing for… it’s the same set of ‘tools’ for designing a poster, a website or a book cover. Read More…

Right or Wrong! (Part 2) - Achieve Better Photography

Right or Wrong! (Part 2) – Achieve Better Photography

Last month in part one of “Right or Wrong” article on Web Courses Bangkok, we shared five simple but important photography tips. Now in this monthly blog post, we continue and give you more tips for a better photography. So grab your coffee (if you are a coffee lover!) and enjoy reading our article. Read More…

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Process of Making Tri-Fold Brochure

Web Courses Bangkok is launching its new course called One Day Photography Course in 2nd of June. Therefore, one of our instructors, Pete assigned me to make Tri-Fold Brochure for our new course. This is the final brochure that i have done in Illustrator for new course. Read More…

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

In this month Web Courses Bangkok Photography blog post I would like to share photographers frequently asked questions and provide you answers to those questions. There are some misunderstandings about photography among beginners which you will see in question forms. Each question can give you a good tip in photography.

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