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20 Websites with fantastic logos

2012 has been a fantastic year for innovation. A flux I hope will continue to gather strength and unite inspired new comers. I have taken the time to compile a series of logos from different web sites from around the world. The collection has been narrowed down to a clean 20. This took quite some time. Some of the main elements I was looking for:


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Studio Lighting – Part 2

On my previous blog post, I explained two different types of portrait studio lighting; three point lighting and four point lighting. Lighting in photography creates different feeling, texture and depth. Let’s have a look on other forms of lighting in this blog post.


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Google's Disavow Links Tool

Are you worried about spam links harming your website’s ranking? Google is now offering a new tool to avoid this problem. It is called the “Disavow Link tool” and it is live and available now. The announcement was made this week by Google’s head web spam team Matt Cutt at the PubCon conference held in Las Vegas.


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Photoshop Beginner Tutorial – 2 of 10

We are already back with a new tutorial for our followers that are willing to start with that amazing product called Photoshop! It’s such a broad software that needs years to be mastered, but it’s never too late to start and have some fun! This tutorial will be focused on Selections and Masks.