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Process of Making Tri-Fold Brochure

Web Courses Bangkok is launching its new course called One Day Photography Course in 2nd of June. Therefore, one of our instructors, Pete assigned me to make Tri-Fold Brochure for our new course. This is the final brochure that i have done in Illustrator for new course.


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“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

In this month Web Courses Bangkok Photography blog post I would like to share photographers frequently asked questions and provide you answers to those questions. There are some misunderstandings about photography among beginners which you will see in question forms. Each question can give you a good tip in photography.


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How To Learn HTML

Learning HTML is easy because it is logical and it makes sense. It is the life blood that courses through the veins of billions of web pages, intranets and applications. So learning HTML it is a must.


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33 Links Web Designers Will LOVE

Being a Web Designer is either difficult and fun.I have been working as an Internship in Web Courses Bangkok last 3 months. After learning much from here, i decided to write this article which will help you to solve lots of problem when you design web.


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Five Responsive Web Design Tools

Here’s a roundup of some cool responsive web design tools that have appeared over the last month. Responsive web design is a new web design technique where a site’s design adapts it’s width and height according to the current browser size. This is perfect for designing sites to look good on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Design one website and it works on most mobile devices!