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How to Survive The Google “Hummingbird” Update

Google appears to be trying to go back to basics with a new update to search algorithm. The new update is designed to affect up to ninety percent of all searches on Google. If you haven’t heard of the Hummingbird algorithm, you may remember the switch to “Caffeine” Google announced back in 2010.  So, now three years later we have a new update which is supposed to make  searches easier by using key phrases people ask instead … Read More


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Becoming A Graphic Designer May Be Easier Than You Think!

Ok, so if you have ever considered becoming a graphic designer, your not alone? In the UK as of this writing, there are thousands of graphic design students in school learning to become graphic artist.  So, it’s not surprising that some of the best courses available are found in this country. One of the top schools in Bangkok is Web Courses Bangkok. This school offers a great Logo and Graphic Designer course guaranteed to teach you everything … Read More


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Update your site or R.I.P (Rest in Pixels)

If you don’t update your site frequently you open your site up to the real problem of  your site becoming less secure and also when users are greeted with the same content for weeks on end. Pretty quickly they will stop visiting your site and go elsewhere. It’d be like still having the article on latest IOS 6 update in your recent news when IOS 7 came out today. People like to be given the latest info.


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Giving Something Back Feels Awesome

Sunday was a great day for us as a company as we got to see how we have helped the disabled children of Camillian Care Home through our years of support. It seems just moments ago we created their website and then logo and through using skills we take for granted we get to help others and that is an awesome feeling.


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10 Tips on Product Photography

As E-Commerce becomes increasingly important, product photography follows in it’s footsteps. To build a great E-Commerce website, you must have great quality product images to show them in the best light to potential customers. According to recent online surveys, most people today prefer to buy online rather than going in person to a street based retail shop. In a matter of few clicks, you will be able to find your desired product and have it delivered to your … Read More