3. How Submit a Wordpress Website to Google

3. How Submit a WordPress Website to Google

Congratulations you have a website ready to show to the world. In this tutorial Koen and I dedicated this project to the late and great Charlie Chaplie so it’s time to submit to Google and starting getting some visitors. Read More…

2. How to Move Wordpress Local to Live

2. How to Move WordPress Local to Live

Moving a WordPress site from local to live is not easy at it has a lot of steps. Luckily this video contains them all and you can hit pause after each stage so you work along side Koen and I. Read More…

2012 Free Wordpress Themes

2012 Free WordPress Themes

I am looking forward to seeing what this year has to offer for themes. To start us off we have collected 10 themes to give us a good start the new year.

These handpicked themes are worth a download, so check out the review from Web Courses and then below each theme is the authors view on their hard work.

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Schema.org: A New Approach to Structured Data for SEO

What will have a look to today it’s something that might turn really extremely useful when talkin’ bout’ SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Read More…

Web Courses Bangkok adobe illustrator,editable gradient text tutorial,illustrator tips

Editable Gradient Text (Adobe Illustrator)

Lately, I have noticed that lots of designers don’t know how to make editable gradient text in Adobe Illustrator. Therefore, I decided to make this short tutorial for Adobe Illustrator users.

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Interactive website,cool Interactive website,Web Courses Bangkok,web courses

10 Cool Interactive Websites

Bored of normal websites? These websites are the sweetest pleasure for me, since I am crazily addicted to checking interactive websites. I would like to show you the coolest interactive websites that I have encountered online. In this particular blog, I have picked them based on emphasis in how they are interactive and also how they motivate me. So let’s go through our cool websites one by one. Great huh? Read More…

javascript in 2012

2012: Year of The Javascript

Whether your trying to figure out which programming language to learn first, or deciding what language to add to your toolbox, now is a great time to learn Javascript.

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After Effects shiny text tutorial

After Effects Tutorial for Beginners

I suppose that all of you have seen some exciting motion graphics on TV. Hopefully at least once in your life you watched a Hollywood fancy movie with great graphics like Harry Potter and Lord of the rings. With After Effects we cannot make a whole movie like that. But After Effects is one of the most crucial parts of making such a movie. Read More…

10 Minimalist but Spicy Ideas For Web Design Beginners

10 Minimalist but Spicy Ideas For Web Design Beginners

Hello and welcome back to another post of mine. This time wanna focus my attention on those ones that just made the first little baby steps in the mysterious world of HTML-CSS-PHP coding and that would love create a simple, attractive website but they’re worried that this might require a lot of time other than a deep knowledge of the Html language. Read More…

Documentary Photography - Part 1

Documentary Photography – Part 1

Documentary Photography is a genre of photography which is in connection to real life and illustrates the real situation. Read More…

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