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How to choose a right camera based on your budget?

Before we start discussing this topic, I would like to give you an introduction about two types of camera which are available in market. There are two types of camera; Compact point and shoot digital camera and Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR). Before you buy a camera, you need to know which of these cameras suits you the most. Then we briefly explain DSLR Canon cameras based on your budgets. 


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10 Cool Websites for Responsive Design Tools

  Responsive Design websites are becoming a trend of the web. Thanks to them you don’t need to switch from the desktop version to the mobile one anymore, have you already seen some of them? Do you know how to create one? The solution is just a few clicks away.


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Photography Genres (Part 1)

Most trainees as a beginner photographer struggle so hard to get familiar with their cameras and learn how to control it. But after knowing their cameras and do some shooting for a while then a question appears: “what am I interested to shoot?” If you have enquired it then it’s time to learn about photography genres. Think of a driver who learns driving his car and gets his driving license then he needs to choose his destination. … Read More


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Nobody Cares About Your Fanpage?

There are two main reasons that people just don`t care and those are the context of your fanpage and its content. So how do you fix it? What context can you use to improve ROI and what content will help you achieve your long term goals? This post aims to answer these questions. 


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Design Fundamentals and The Golden Section Rectangle

Sorry guys, I’m gonna say it… being a designer isn’t about being able to use Photoshop, Illustrator, fireworks or whatever tool, knowing the creative suite, doesn’t magically make you a designer. You can be the best photoshop monkey in the world, you can tell me what every single tool in the photoshop palette does, every layer blending mode is backwards, but this won’t make you a designer or help you when designing, sure you’ll be able to … Read More


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Process of Making Tri-Fold Brochure

Web Courses Bangkok is launching its new course called One Day Photography Course in 2nd of June. Therefore, one of our instructors, Pete assigned me to make Tri-Fold Brochure for our new course. This is the final brochure that i have done in Illustrator for new course.