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Photoshop Tutorial: Embracing the Art of Black and White Photography

Photography first appeared to us as film and was commercially available first in black-and-white. As technology improved, film cameras could take pictures in color. But even now, in our digital era of photography, black-and-white photography has not lost it’s popularity. In fact it is considered as it’s own art form and has a sentimental value.

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10 easy steps to present your portfolio in a sexy way

You may remember our handy article “How to place your image on a Digital Screen” which we shared with you at the beginning of this year. Nice and perfect as our article was, life is not and as usual change comes wherever we like it or not.
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minimalistic movie poster design by matias berra

Creating a minimalistic movie poster design in Photoshop

Simple and clean design, it’s a term you have heard hundreds of times, but take my word for this; in the design industry it is our everyday currency. Most of the meetings we hold with clients whirlwind around a very prevalent topic: how can we get you to remove most of the useless stuff that clutter your site and instead choose a simpler design? Read More…

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Get rid of your Ex using Photoshop: A Valentine’s Day Tutorial

Photoshop is an impressive editing tool with an unlimited number of uses. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a quick look at some tools and techniques to remove that unwanted special someone from your photographs. Read More…


How to place your image on a Digital Screen

Say you are working on a project, adding images to an article, or putting an online web or graphic design portfolio together, and you want to put your images onto a virtual screen; a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. How can you do this without having to take a picture of your work on an ipad with an iphone? You don’t want to lose the resolution of your hard work by taking a picture of a picture. Luckily, there are several simple solutions for you to achieve the desired effects. Read More…


Photoshop CS5 T-Shirt Design

Doing this quick simple tutorial will introduce you to a few tools in Photoshop you may have not used before such as blending modes and the warp tool. Pretty soon you’ll be designing T-shirts for you and all your friends Read More…

How to make an E-Commerce Banner

How to make an E-Commerce Banner

Having a banner for your E-Commerce website is one of the helpful ways in attracting consumers to check out your products and make a sell. E-Commerce banner is a creative way of telling people about your newly arrived products, on-sale items, buy one-take ones, and other featured products. In creating an E-Commerce banner, you need to align the texture, exposure, shadowing, and clarity of your product image to the text, logo and background that you choose.

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Some quick Photoshop tips

Some quick Photoshop tips

Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo editing software, with the help of photoshop one can enhance a digital photograph or make a templet for a website.
Photoshop. Its is available for variety of platforms, from Mac OSX, Windows to Linux. Its one of the most used program in the media industry. Read More…

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Focus Stacking

You may want to take a picture of small object and capture all details of that subject in another word you want to have super sharp picture without any blurred section. But you may find it difficult to achieve the desired photo. In this blog post I introduce you a technique for the mentioned problem and you will learn how to get a close up photograph sharply.

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web courses bangkok photoshop beginner tutorial

Photoshop Beginner Tutorial – 2 of 10

We are already back with a new tutorial for our followers that are willing to start with that amazing product called Photoshop! It’s such a broad software that needs years to be mastered, but it’s never too late to start and have some fun! This tutorial will be focused on Selections and Masks.
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