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22Thought you would never understand WordPress Pages, Posts and Categories? Think Again!

These days it’s simpler than ever for someone to create a website, no matter their level of experience. With a few simple clicks, one can have a WordPress site up and ready. For some, the hardest part is getting past the “Hello World” stage, to a fully functional and navigable site. Don’t start pulling out the remaining hair on your head just yet. We have the answers you’ve been waiting for.


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22Get rid of your Ex using Photoshop: A Valentine’s Day Tutorial

Out of sight, out of mind Photoshop is an impressive editing tool with an unlimited number of uses. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a quick look at some tools and techniques to remove that unwanted special someone from your photographs. If you are in a happy relationship, or are not so petty as to feel the need to erase someone’s face- the same skills can be used to improve your photos in other ways. Want … Read More


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22Ai for Beginners Tutorial: Placing Images in Text by Using Clipping Masks

Playing around with fonts and texts is really fun, and perhaps one of the coolest functions of Adobe Illustrator is being able to take text and have it reflect an image, texture, or other pattern as its so-called color “swatch.” While the program comes with many swatches and patterns of its own, sometimes there may be a really cool photo, woodgrain, plaid, or other pattern you’d like for your text to adopt. This can be very easily … Read More


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22These 10 Learning Management Systems Might be the Answer to Your Needs

You’re never too late to catch up with other globally-competitive learning institutions and companies. Thanks to the online age when everything is virtually done. Learning Management Systems (LMS) might be the answer to your needs. This software package enables cost-efficient learning and training by allowing learners to complete a systematic course units and take assessments. Check these ten LMSs out. One might be ideal for you. 1.  Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) Moodle is free to use … Read More