Tutorial:  Do you want to create your first GIF with me?

Tutorial: Do you want to create your first GIF with me?

Today I want to show you how to make a GIF using Photoshop. I am sure you want to know! Read More…

how to install custom font featured image

How to Install Custom Font on Your Website

Who doesn’t want their website to look unique? Use custom font to make your website stands out from the crowd Read More…

mask edge featured image

Mask Edge – How to Get Out of a Hairy Situation

Hair is no easy business; it is never the easiest thing to deal with when you are trying to extract it from another image with a background. No matter how meticulous you are with the selection tool, you will most likely get a result that looks like a magazine cutout.

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These 10 Learning Management Systems Might be the Answer to Your Needs

These 10 Learning Management Systems Might be the Answer to Your Needs

The most important wealth you must conserve and maximize is the human capital. It’s not always easy to instantly build a great powerhouse for your company. Hundreds of applicants might willingly wait in line just to be a part of your workforce, but not all of them are fast learners who can memorize the workflow of your company in a day or two. Sure, some may have great potential that can be developed through intensive learning and training. Read More…

photoshop actions

10 easy steps to present your portfolio in a sexy way

You may remember our handy article “How to place your image on a Digital Screen” which we shared with you at the beginning of this year. Nice and perfect as our article was, life is not and as usual change comes wherever we like it or not.
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minimalistic movie poster design by matias berra

Creating a minimalistic movie poster design in Photoshop

Simple and clean design, it’s a term you have heard hundreds of times, but take my word for this; in the design industry it is our everyday currency. Most of the meetings we hold with clients whirlwind around a very prevalent topic: how can we get you to remove most of the useless stuff that clutter your site and instead choose a simpler design? Read More…

eye with camera lens instead of retina

How to choose the perfect stock image for your content

Pictures are worth a thousand words and being able to find the perfect photo to fit your project can be one of the most challenging tasks.

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How to make a Facebook logo with Illustrator

How to make a Facebook logo with Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator makes creating a logo easier than ever. Although the interface may look daunting, Illustrator offers some really simple solution to seemingly complex problems. All it takes is a basic knowledge of some simple tools and concepts. After this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of some of these which you can then use in your other projects.

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broken heart

Get rid of your Ex using Photoshop: A Valentine’s Day Tutorial

Photoshop is an impressive editing tool with an unlimited number of uses. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a quick look at some tools and techniques to remove that unwanted special someone from your photographs. Read More…


How to place your image on a Digital Screen

Say you are working on a project, adding images to an article, or putting an online web or graphic design portfolio together, and you want to put your images onto a virtual screen; a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. How can you do this without having to take a picture of your work on an ipad with an iphone? You don’t want to lose the resolution of your hard work by taking a picture of a picture. Luckily, there are several simple solutions for you to achieve the desired effects. Read More…

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