10 ways to track time of your projects

10 ways to track time of your projects

Do you know how much time you or your team spend on each task that you are required to go through for each project?

Do you need to keep track time of your assignments in order to properly bill your client?

Or do you simply want to check how much time you or your collaborators spend on a task and try to reduce the time frame?

Keeping track of your projects probably gives you a headache, especially if you work as a team. Read More…

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How to Install Custom Font on Your Website

Who doesn’t want their website to look unique? Use custom font to make your website stands out from the crowd Read More…

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How to Test your Website in Different Browsers Online

Here in WCB we optimistically believe that there will be a shiny day when all browsers will display our websites identically. But by the moment this article is being written that day is still pretty far away and we are still faced a necessity to test the websites we build on different platforms, devices and browsers to make sure our customer will be happy in the end.

Read More…

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15 Things Every Web Design Course Should Have

What every web design course must have? What you should look for in a web design course? When you’re looking for the right workshop or web design course at least the basics must be covered. You’ll want to look for one that gives you extras as well. Read More…

The 10 best jQuery plugins to enhance your website

The 10 best jQuery plugins to enhance your website

So you’re down with WordPress, doing html in your sleep and css’ing like a champion but your websites still lacks that little flair that really shows off your web design panache. Well this article and 10 of my favourite jQuery plugins is just what you need to give your websites some more of that ‘POP-POP’ (as Magnitude from Community would say).

Read More…

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How to choose the perfect stock image for your content

Pictures are worth a thousand words and being able to find the perfect photo to fit your project can be one of the most challenging tasks.

Read More…

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6 common (and generally ugly) mistakes Thai websites make

For a country that constantly surprises us with their architectural , fabric and crafts design Thailand has managed to produce a stable flow of truly appalling websites, but why? Read More…

How can I see my UX through my visitors eyes?

How can I see my UX through my visitors eyes?

If you were a fly on the wall of most web design agencies your poor head would be buzzing with the repeated words of clean, responsive, amongst many others but the new guy in trendy web town is UX design. Essentially it’s making a site or app that gives good user experience. So in 2014 how do you know your getting it right? Read More…

10 Google Chrome Experiments that proves programming can be fun

10 Google Chrome Experiments that proves programming can be fun

Being a web designer can be quite stressful sometimes. This article is dedicated to those who are having a ‘my brain is drained’ moment. I found 10 Chrome Experiment sites that can help you let loose for a bit, and recharge your creativity, or simply just for entertainment. Read More…

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What agencies look for in designers and developers?

The lines between designer and developer are becoming ever more blurred with each be drawn into each others traditional battlegrounds. Knowing the basics about your counterpart skill sector will sit you in a great position for the future but for now I’ll go over each job role separately and what skills agencies are looking for respectively.  Read More…

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