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Best CRM for Web Agencies

What is the best CRM for designers? A lot of designers keep on asking, “What is the best CRM to use?”  Many have yet to find the answer, but today we will share the top choices of CRM tools for dedicated designers like you. Also, you will learn the real trick behind choosing the best CRM in order to achieve long-term success. SugarCRM This is one of the most highly esteemed CRM tools preferred by seasoned designers because … Read More


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8 tips for becoming a freelance web professional

Today, anyone can set out to work as a web freelancer, but there’s a big difference between being web freelancer and being a freelance web professional. The obvious keyword is ‘professional’ and it’s ultimately what separates those who fail from those who excel. Companies, project managers, and HR teams have no shortage of options when it comes to hiring freelancers for their design and development needs, and it’s not too difficult to spot the difference between a … Read More


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What is the Most Popular UI and UX Design Program of Today?

User Interface (UI) play a significant role in web design, as the usability and success of a website will completely depend on how the UI is designed. Web user interface is basically a graphical user interface (GUI) that accepts inputs from users and provides output (web pages) requested by the users. UI  design will make the users interaction effective, sophisticated, and smooth. It is proper practice to design UI interfaces before developing a website, as they are making the user’s browsing experience free … Read More


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Some incredibly useful inspiration websites for designers and developers

  Mr. Smith wants lots of cat pictures?  Will do, sir. Miss Groovy would love to have a pink website?  Sure thing, madam, let’s build it! Now you are in pain trying to deal with your clients’ expectations and the business reality. In case you need help to find inspiration, this article has plenty of websites that can assist you with pictures, design and colors, so read on!


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How to design a killer landing page

Landing page is very much like a book cover. It is the first thing that your potential customer sees when they enter your website. A good cover lures potential reader to pick up the book and eventually turns into fans; the same principle applies to your landing page. Despite the quality of your services or product, a poorly designed landing page could really drives customer away from your website in a matter of seconds. To prevent that … Read More