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What agencies look for in designers and developers?

The lines between designer and developer are becoming ever more blurred with each be drawn into each others traditional battlegrounds. Knowing the basics about your counterpart skill sector will sit you in a great position for the future but for now I’ll go over each job role separately and what skills agencies are looking for respectively.  Read More…

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3 Sites under the magnifying glass

We spend more time looking at websites than your average user. We see lots of good sites, but we see a lot more bad ones. So it really is best to make your sites as pleasurable and user friendly as possible. Of course you should have great SEO so that I easily find your site in the first place.  Read More…

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Give your mindmaps more thought with these 5 mindmap builders?

Mindmapping is a great way to show how you are going to plan out your site or project. Giving yourself and also clients a visual representation of how the site is going to flow and any areas that may need to be sectioned off or could be merged to cut down on menus. We usually use for site maps but since it does no harm to look around for new and better options. I try’d out a few and reviewed pick for you to consider. We’d love to hear what you use or even if you don’t bother with sitemaps?
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Before and after, harnessing the power of WordPress themes

WordPress is an open source project which is mostly known for its blogging potential. However, I’m sure you’d be surprised at some high profile celebrities and companies powering their websites with WordPress. Due to its ease of use and customization, WordPress is one of the simplest and most effective ways to build a successful website.

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Get involved with 5 great interactive websites.

From Slovakia to Peru, drug driving to CGI, here is a sampling of some of the notable websites from the latest CSS Design Awards.  Arranged here in no particular order, they’re all worth checking out.  You may just find some inspiration. Read More…

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Giving Something Back Feels Awesome

Sunday was a great day for us as a company as we got to see how we have helped the disabled children of Camillian Care Home through our years of support. It seems just moments ago we created their website and then logo and through using skills we take for granted we get to help others and that is an awesome feeling.

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10 Ways to Work Better with Your Project Manager

I personally believe that Project Managers are the unsung heroes of the web design industry. At our design agency we are lucky to have two wonderful PM’s who help our projects run smoothly and take of both our customers and team. In return for this help they expect a few things in return to help them do their job better and I hope to explain to you how you can work with your project manager better with these ten tips. Read More…

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Using Tablets to Teach HTML in the Classroom

An amazing email just came in! A few months ago <carl> was manning the live chat on the WCB website and a teacher from Xavier School in the Philippines came on and said he was looking for inspiration for a HTML class using iPads.

<carl> thought for a moment and said why not ask them to put the tags onto the screen and then arrange themselves in order of how a normal page is written. This way it is interactive, team building and kinaesthetically interesting. Read More…

Friday's Inspiration #1

Friday’s Inspiration #1

This week I have been surfing around CSS Design Awards, Awwwards and the Best Design. There were  many interesting webpages to choose from and just to choose five is a tough choice.

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Bootstrap vs. Foundation thmb

Bootstrap 2.2 VS Foundation 4.0

For those of you who don’t know what the Bootstrap and the Foundation frameworks do, to put it in the simplest words, these are tool-kits to develop web apps and sites in a faster and easier way. They use UI elements and widgets such as grids, buttons, forms etc. to make your web development experience more comfortable.

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