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How to Get a Freelance Job in Bangkok

We have had thousands of people through our doors and a small but dedicated percentage of those people are here to begin a new career in web and or graphic design. Of those people the first question they ask me is how to get a freelance job. A few weeks later they are turning down work and officially living and working in Thailand.  So what did I tell them? Let’s find out…


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How To Learn HTML

Learning HTML is easy because it is logical and it makes sense. It is the life blood that courses through the veins of billions of web pages, intranets and applications. So learning HTML it is a must.


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Five Responsive Web Design Tools

Here’s a roundup of some cool responsive web design tools that have appeared over the last month. Responsive web design is a new web design technique where a site’s design adapts it’s width and height according to the current browser size. This is perfect for designing sites to look good on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Design one website and it works on most mobile devices!


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6 Tips to Better Adwords Ads

Creating quality ads online can sometimes be a little bit tricky and as an advertiser, you are always trying to get as much value from your ads as you possibly can. No one wants to throw money down the drain on an advertising campaign that sees no ROI. So here are 6 tips to help you when you’re next creating your killer campaign to boost traffic and sales to your website.