UX Course Review from Elias Zwillenberg

As I’ve come to expect from Web Courses Bangkok, the class was informative, entertaining and completely interactive. Read More…

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UX Course Review from Matias Berra

Whether UX or web-design, it’s WCB’s quality teaching that keeps bringing me back to the classroom.

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UX Course Review from Rhiannon Caldwell

What is UX?  One of the hottest buzzwords in digital marketing today is “UX”. Short for User Experience.  Good UX has the end user in mind and a good designer realizes that not all users are created equal and that means website designs need to reflect the massive diversity in today’s users. Read More…

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Photoshop Class Review by Marketing Executive Rhiannon Cauldwell

Carl kept the class moving and was very adept at answering questions for those with more experience and walking those of us that were brand new through each step.

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Jean F Laugier -  Founder of Lean Hub Asia Business platform

Jean F Laugier – Founder of Lean Hub Asia Business platform

Together with our Coach Web Courses Bangkok we enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to share this experience through this platform



Alexandra - fishing in Thailand

Alexandra – fishing in Thailand

A couple of years ago I took a WordPress course which helped me to make my first web site about fishing.

Since that time I’ve built two sites using skills I learned from the course. Read More…

Rebecca - Marketing and E-Commerce Courses

Rebecca – Marketing and E-Commerce Courses

When I went to web courses- my knowledge of websites and much beyond social media was zero (which was useful for my e-commerce online store). Read More…

Kiriana from New Zealand

Kiriana from New Zealand

I would like to thank Carl & Kate for their wonderful hospitality. The booking process was super easy and Kate was a legend to deal with.

The course was perfectly tailor-made to my needs & fitted into my timeframe. Carl provided excellent processes for not just building sites, but also managing clients and projects. He taught me the behind the scenes stuff (coding) so that I can now custom build a website based on any theme. I have since started building my own wordpress site, and Carl has been readily available for support – it’s great to know that the course doesn’t finish on the last day and there is help there whenever I need it.

Carl is a wealth of experience with a fantastic teaching manner, who can adapt to students needs and learning styles – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Web Courses Bangkok.

Diana Taylor

Diana Taylor, Applied Scholastics Thailand

Carl’s Social Media Marketing Workshop has given me a very sound foundation to create a SM marketing plan for my group. When I have questions, I now have the tools to know where to go to get the answers. Before this workshop I had no idea. Another plus is if for some reason I cannot find the answer I can always go back to Carl. He makes it his personal mission that each attendee have the tools to use SMM to achieve their goals. I would recommend this workshop to anyone that needs the basics of SMM or needs to put them in some kind of perspective.


Victor and Bancha from

Victor and Bancha from

Your UX introduction course helped our company in two key areas which we sorely needed.  First, it helped our employees understand that UX and design are not solely the domain of the designer.  In the past our developers never thought they could express their opinion or how best to elaborate their concerns.  Since the class our employees now take an active part throughout the brainstorming and design process and their passion and interest is at an all-time high.  You can sense the ownership and dedication because everybody believes that they own the product and are a part of the process.

Secondly, from a more practical standpoint, the process, tools, and best practices you taught us provided us with a great foundation to figure out what works best for our company. As a startup we cannot do everything.  However going through and practicing every single step gave us a better appreciation of why each step exists. It helped us make clear choices with confidence as we understood the pros and cons of why we would do certain steps as part of our design process.

We just completed the first design of a very complex user dashboard and I can say with certainty that without the UX course it would have taken twice as long and produced something nowhere near as easy to use or even as beautiful.

without the UX course it would have taken twice as long and produced something nowhere near as easy to use or even as beautiful.

When we finished you could hear all our employees saying just how proud they were and I look forward to the many more changes we will make in the future on our site.

Victor Chu and Bancha Dhammarungruang from

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