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e-commerce startup course

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  • Work on your own project
  • Complete course material
  • Live Video Recording of the
    lesson for you to take home
  • 1-2-1 Tuition with our
    expert instructor
  • 12 hours
  1. Next Course Starts: April 21st, 23rd, 28th, 30th from 6pm – 9pm
    4 lessons – 3 hours per lesson – 12 hours total course duration

“Make money online in 12 hours”

Trainees are already making money from completing our new and unique ecommerce Thailand course. The course does not require any previous knowledge, anyone can do it! We designed the course to help you get more from your business through this accessible, easy and effective course.

This course introduces you to the world of ‘e-commerce’. If you’ve always wondered how it all works but are too afraid to look into it, this course is just the thing for you. We’ll walk you through the different parts of selling online step by step.

  • Taught in English
  • Your shop will support all payments
  • Aimed at beginners
  • Incorporate social media
  • Make extra money online
  • Fun and engaging course

Interested? Make a booking enquiry and we will answer any questions you have about the course or schedule.

E-Shop’s Features

The e-commerce course not only teaches you e-commerce and how to make money online but it also covers the hugely popular WordPress content management system that powers some of todays’ top web sites.

Easy to manage from anywhere
Simple to manage, no need for any software just an internet connection. Just login and add your products with ease.
Paint Bucket
Customise your e-shop fully with colours and add your company logo with a click of a few buttons.
Shopping Basket
Easily setup your shop as a catalogue, buy now or as a full shopping cart system
Take credit card payments
Supports all the popular payment methods including Paypal, Google Checkout and many others.

Sam with her modelsI own a small clothes shop and I really wanted to break into the online market. I completed the e-commerce course with Web Courses Bangkok and now I have a fully working online shop that is already taking orders. Samantha – Sammi-Joe Boutique

Student Gallery

Features and Benefits

12 hours over 4 sessions
16 hours over 4 sessions, once you book you can choose what date you wish to start.
Our courses are taught in English by qualified instructors with at least 8 years of experience.
Use your own laptop so you can be concentrating on your new skills and not a new operating system.
We support you all the way. Even when you are not in class you can email your instructor with any questions.
Supported by video
All our lessons are supported by video tutorials so you can go over the class at home at your own pace.
16 hours over 4 sessions
Not only do we give you tutorials but we also record the entire session live for you to take home so you don`t miss a thing!

Course Details

This course introduces you to the world of ‘ecommerce’. If you’ve always wondered how it all works but are too afraid to look into it, this course is just the thing for you. We’ll walk you through the different parts of selling online step by step. This course is designed for people who have absolutely no programming experience. We show you how all the parts fit together.

Session 1 – Using an E-Commerce System


  • Introduction to the course.
  • Have a look at good and bad ecommerce sites.
  • Have a look at what we’ll be building.
  • Introduction to Content Management System.
  • Getting comfortable with e-Shop.
  • Overview of the system dashboard.
  • General Settings of the Store.
  • Setting up your Logo & Graphics.
  • Adding and modifying products.
  • Managing orders.
  • Modifying other content (blog, contact page, static pages).


Aim: To Introduce students to the history of e-commerce, and allow students to understand the concepts & process behind e-commerce systems.

Session 2 – Understanding WordPress


  • Pages, Posts, Comments, Tags and Categories.
  • Basic Settings in WordPress.
  • Using the WYSIWYG editor to edit content.
  • WordPress File Structure.
  • Downloading and Installing Themes.
  • Downloading and Installing Plugins.
  • Exploring Widgets and Sidebar.


Aim: To allow students to understand WordPress as a content management system and become adept at managing content and web-site via the WordPress backend.

Session 3 – Installing WordPress and E-Commerce Theme


  • Exploring the difference between .com and .org.
  • Downloading WordPress from .org.
  • Introduction to Cpanel.
  • Setting up a Database on Cpanel.
  • Setting up WordPress from Scratch.
  • Setting up the E-Commerce template.
  • Connecting your store to a payment gateway (accepting CC).


Aim: To enable students to be able to set-up a database and WordPress installation on their own web-server, and enable students to install the e-commerce theme on their WordPress installation, and then setup the store to be ready for selling products.

Session 4 – Creating Content


  • Adding Products and Images to the store.
  • Setting up the options for products.
  • Testing out the Store.
  • Making test Orders and test Payments.
  • Submitting eShop to Search Engines
  • Generating Sitemaps


Aim: Adding products and SEO marketing your webstore on search engines.

It is easy and perfect for Beginners

Overall, a great learning experience! Looking forward to the next course. Niels

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