One Day Photography Course

Exposure, Composition & Post Editing

one day photography course

500 baht discount for every friend you bring

4500 baht each for
4 person for group class
price inc vat

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  • 8 hour day
  • complete course materials
  • hands on shooting time
  • constant support
  • guaranteed results
  1. Next Course Starts: Dec 21st, 2015 Sunday from 10am – 6pm Book for a group for better rates : 2 people 9000 ฿ pp, 3 people 6000 ฿ pp, 4 people 4500 ฿ pp
  • Taught in English by professionals.
  • No experience needed, beginners more than welcome.
  • Exposure, composition lenses.
  • Learn to use Adobe LightRoom.
  • Lunch- Thai riverside restaurant
  • Refreshments- drink and snacks

Interested? Make a booking enquiry and we will answer any questions you have about the course or schedule.

One Day Course Outline

    • Your adventure begins with two hours of class, where our instructors will teach you the fundamentals of photography, from camera settings and exposure to the aesthetics of photographic composition.

    • When you know the basics it’s time to put your new skills to work and explore Bangkok. We set off by taxi boat on the Klong Saen Saab, stopping for lunch and practising food-photography before making our way to Bo Bae Market, to take in the sights and smells and complete our photohunt tasks.

    • Our Bangkok Photography Day allows you to express your creativity and expand your photography skills with hands on shooting time. With our instructors there to guide you and answer any questions.

  • After completing the photo hunt tasks at both field trip locations we make our way back to the training centre where you can relax and have refreshments whilst we transfer your photos. We then choose 3 of your best pictures that will be transformed in Adobe LightRoom, uploaded to our Student Gallery and shared with the world. Our Instructor teaches you how to perform basic editing techniques to make your photo’s stand out from the crowd.

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