Web Design Beginner

Featuring HTML5 and CSS3

web design beginner

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  • Work on your own project
  • Complete course material
  • Live Video Recording of the
    lesson for you to take home
  • Small class sizes with our
    expert instructor
  • 12 hours
  1. Next Course Starts:
    June 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th
    from 6pm – 9pm
    4 lessons – 3 hours per lesson.
    Or book a private lesson that fits your schedule

“The perfect course for absolute beginners”

Take the first steps towards becoming a pro web designer and even build your very own basic website in 4 weekly sessions! We have already had over 100 students enjoy the course and after the first lesson you will feel inspired and ready to take on the world of web design.

The beginners course is also perfect for business owners and managers wanting to take control of their web site and update their own content.

  • Taught in English by a professional with 15 years of experience.
  • No experience needed, beginners more than welcome.
  • Cover planning a site from scratch very effectively.
  • Learn to use the most advanced web technologies – HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Lots of support and additional materials.
  • Put a web site live in under 16 hours.

Interested? Make a booking enquiry and we will answer any questions you have about the course or schedule.

Web Site Design Features

We believe strongly in clean usable design and that is how we designed the project web site you will create in the beginners course. You will learn not only how to plan and sketch the entire page but use HTML and CSS, the code behind all web sites, to create a finished professional design.

Easy to manage from anywhere
Learn how to effectively plan a new web project, from business to the final web site.
Create your first clean simple web page structure using HTML5.
Add stunning fancy styles to your HTML structure using CSS3
Take credit card payments
After just the beginner course you will be creating clean, valid code to a professional standard.



QuoteI’ve got the skills to grow further into web design, and an enjoyable classroom experience to look back on. Also, the clear course material, like class handouts, web links and audio recorded classes enables me to try stuff confidently on my ownKarma from www.Star-Board.com.


Features and Benefits

16 hours over 4 sessions
12 hours over 4 sessions, once you book you can choose what date you wish to start.
Our courses are taught in English by a qualified instructor with at least 15 years of experience.
Guranteed small class sizes of 8 means our instructors have more time with each trainee.
Worksheets cover every topic in the course so you always have a reference of what is covered in class.
Supported by video
Enjoy quick tips and tricks from our mini podcasts. Covering everything from marketing to site management
We support you all the way. Even when you are not in class you can email your instructor with any questions.
Supported by video
All our lessons are supported by video tutorials so you can go over the class at home at your own pace.
16 hours over 4 sessions
Not only do we give you tutorials but we also record the entire session live for you to take home so you don`t miss a thing!

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