Web Designer Intermediate

WordPress, E-commerce and Online Marketing

web design intermediate

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  • Work on your own project
  • Complete course material
  • Live Video Recording of the
    lesson for you to take home
  • Small class sizes with our
    expert instructor
  • 18 hours
  1. Next Course Starts:
    Dates: June 15th, 17th, 19nd, 22th, 24th, and 26th

    • 6pm – 9pm
      6 lessons total, 3 lessons per week, 18 hours total course duration.
      Or book a private lesson that fits your schedule

“Start Creating Quality Template Driven Websites”

The beginner’s course outlined the steps to web design. Now it’s time to colour in between the lines. Learn to make a fully functional professional site that uses more advanced layouts and content. Delve deeper into the world of web design and learn how to build a mid level website which is good enough for you to redesign and sell on to any clients you may have. Yes you can actually start earning money at this stage!

Over three weeks the Intermediate Web Site Design Course will focus on HTML and CSS, content creation, controlling websites and SEO (search engine optimization) online marketing. Build on your skills and take your designing to the next level.

  • Taught in English by professionals with a combined 30 years experience.
  • Build your HTML and CSS skills which you can use for bigger and better projects
  • At this stage you will be making professional designs that are worth money!
  • Take Photoshop and Dreamweaver to the next level.
  • Find and add plugins, video and effects to your site
  • Covering forms and basic PHP programming

Interested? Make a booking enquiry and we will answer any questions you have about the course or schedule.

Intermediate Web Site Features

The intermediate web site is really where things come together with more complex layouts, plugins and pages you would expect to find on a commercial web site. The site is fully functional and allows your visitors to contact you via a contact form, find you via a detailed Google map and view your product / service in a good looking gallery.

A professional design that is easy to change and customise for your own client projects.
Interact with your customers with custom forms and start taking sales enquiries.
Iphone and Blackberry
Your web site will work perfectly on all browsers and phones such as Iphone and Blackberry.
Gallery Lightbox plugin perfect for showing off products, services or photographs.

QuoteAt the end of the intermediate course I had enough knowledge to take on paid projects. Five months and a couple more courses later I have earned back the money I spent on the courses, and I am now developing my new career as a freelance web designer. Anil Ali

Student Work

Features and Benefits

16 hours over 4 Weeks
24 hours over 3 weeks, normally starting right after your beginners course.
Take HTML to the next level and learn more about the way this easy to use language is used.
We cover CSS in depth, with CSS under your belt you will be able to change any site, template or system.
Create a Dreamweaver template system to allow you to create bigger more extensive sites that are easy to manage.
Email setup
Add emails, make backups and control FTP access through you hosting control panel topics
FireFTP icon
All our lessons are supported by video tutorials so you can go over the class at home at your own pace.
16 hours over 4 Weeks
Not only do we give you tutorials but we also record the entire week live for you to take home so you don`t miss a thing!
Use twitter and facebook
An important part of this course is the week dedicated to learn how to effectively market your site through Online marketing.

Course Details

Session 1 – Editing Webpage Design

Web Design Course Intermediate Outline
Web Design is alive and always changing. At Web Courses Bangkok we only teach what is relevant and exciting in the web today. We aim to teach you the skills that will make clients go wow or your business boom.
Being able to change the design of any web page is a vital skill to always keep it looking modern. By the end of the first session, you will be able to edit any template you work with and make your imagination come alive.

Session 2 – WordPress Essentials

WordPress is an award winning CMS and currently the most popular in the world for managing websites. It will make your job as a web designer and site manager much easier and productive. With plenty of different themes to choose from, we will show how to pick the one that better fits your needs and guide you through the process of setting it up.

Session 3 – Using Premium Themes

In this session you will learn how to use and modify the design of a premium theme that is fully responsive for mobile devices. You will be able to use CSS to take over the theme and adapt it to what you dreamed your website to be, while keeping it manageable and according to web standards. You will also learn what plugins are available to you and how they can complement your website. In the end you will have a beautiful and functional website on all screen sizes.

Session 4 – Lenses & White Balance

A professional and appealing portfolio will take you a long way in the Web Design industry. We will demonstrate how easy it is to present your work in an elegant way that will awe anyone who sees it. In the end you will be able to create a sleek, mobile responsive portfolio ready to show to your new clients and impress them.

Session 5 – Online Marketing and SEO

It would be wonderful if it was the case of “Build it and they will come” but with billions of web pages out there you need to tell the world about your new fantastic site. Inherent in our courses is quality professional code which ticks of Search Engine Optimisation from our to-do list and leaves us to concentrate on promoting our web site using Social Marketing. After setting up the site from the control panel we take you through the various tools of Social Networking to drive users to your new fantastic web site.

Session 6 – Open Workshop

The aim of this session is for you to work on a live project. You will be able to complete any personal project and apply what you have learned throughout the course, having the instructor close by to give you feedback and assistance at all times.

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