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Hi Ben, it’s great to have you here with us today and thank you for participating in our interview. For those who don’t know you could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do ?

Hi Ben, it’s great to have you here with us today and thank you for participating in our interview. For those who don’t know you could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do ?

Hi Kamila, my name is Ben Powell – I am one of the directors of IRLShooter project which is a real-time multi-player first person shooter role playing game. So it’s basically a giant building full of actors who are zombies, and the payers are given a laser tag guns and run round and shoot them.

How did IRLShooter started?

IRL Shooter

The project started from an idea my friends and I came up with. I’ve heard about a group in the UK that does the similar game – running around with air-soft guns, and at first I thought they used dummies not real actors. So one day we met up and decided to bring this idea to life and create a real-life zombie game in Melbourne.

Which online platforms helped you promote your project?

Reddit IRLShooter

Because it is a social event, we decided to put as much effort in an online social media as possible. We used which brought huge volume of traffic to our website, so much it actually crashed our servers. Then we got very active on such platforms as where we’ve put a couple of promo videos, also got an active presence on Facebook (80% of our tickets were sold from our fan page) and Twitter.

How did you use these platforms to the fullest ?

IRL Shooter

It was rather difficult when we first started out, we had loads of emails and enquiries so we started managing our platforms by setting up Google alerts.  So each time we got a new email, or comment or even a keyword search related to our project, we automatically responded to replied to comments on social media channels. Using we monitored our Twitter, which is a search for whoever mentions our name or related keywords – it leads us to that post and we can comment on it.

Tell us about the process of building an awareness for your project?

IRLShooter Pozible Crowd Funding Platform

We started with no funding, because it was just an idea a few mates came up with, so at first we decided to go crowd-funding route. There are a few sites in the US for example, but since we are based in Australia we used which is very similar. Crowd source, developer id, brief, video – that’s the first step we took putting our project online. After that we started engaging in popular online social media platforms.

Lastly, could you give an advice to our trainees on how to get started if they’d like to develop a project as big as yours?

benjamin s powel

If anyone wants to start their own business – is a great place to start. Instead of trying to find a venture capital or some sort of funding, if you find a way to pre-sell and spread awareness using crowdsource – it’s a wonderful opportunity to start a business. When working on different online platforms, know how to use the tools – always be up to date, reply to every email and make comments on posts. For me the most important things in order to market the project is being social and constantly active and, last but not least, not giving up!

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Where is Ben now?

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