Adobe After Effects

after effects course

“Start creating professional looking videos now.”

Want to learn how to add great animated graphic or just how to add realistic smoke or fire? We will teach you to understand the basics of after effects and guide you through building your own animation. During this course will go from 3D, to tracking cars and movement, to removing green screen. You can create a fun logo to add to your premiere projects and take your final premiere video to a new level. We will teach how to create professional looking videos.

  • Understanding the core features and workflows of Adobe After Effects.
  • Combining and complementing After Effects and Premiere.
  • Taking your videos to the next level.
  • Using essential time-saving shortcuts.
  • Adding special effects to your videos.
  • Video filters and colour correcting.

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Here’s an example of what you can create with AE

Features and Benefits

Edit your videos, and make them look professional.
motion graphic
Work with visual effects and motion graphics.
Organize workflow, understand what each and every tool does to maximize your output.
Enhance scenes with reflections, environment maps, and more.
Create dazzling effects at dizzying speed.
after effects
 Integrate  with external projects.
Add special effects like explosions, fire and smoke.
Export, to different platforms and in different formats.

Course Details

Session 1

after effects course

  • Learning the basics
  • Understanding composition and layers
  • Design
  • Integrating with external projects

Session 2

after effects course

  • Animation
  • Key framing
  • Green Screen
  • Rendering
  • Tracking

Session 3

after effects course

  • 3D
  • Type and shapes
  • Exercises (personal project)

Session 4

after effects course

  • Adding special effects: explosion, fire, smoke etc…
  • Video filters
  • Color correcting
  • Exporting

Private Course Benefits

16 hours over 4 Weeks
Choose your own learning times. Our booking team can arrange a custom schedule that suits you.
Work on your own project, this can be creating a logo for your new company or a full print ready flyer.
Email setup
We are always happy to answer support emails and help you get the most out of your training.
16 hours over 4 Weeks
Not only do we give you tutorials but we also record the entire session live for you to take home so you don`t miss a thing!

500 baht discount for every friend you bring

1,750 baht per hourprice inc vatBooking Enquiries

  • Work on your own project
  • Complete course material
  • Live Video Recording of the
    lesson for you to take home
  • 1-2-1 Tuition with our
    expert instructor

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