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Private WordPress Training by Professionals

WordPress is an extremely user-friendly and easy to use Content Mangement System, not only that its also very easy to develop for.

Our Web Design Instructor is extremely adept with WordPress, and we’ve helped students build all kinds of sites using WordPress.

If you want to start a site from scratch, or already have a WordPress site and want to continue developing it, this course is for you, we can show you how to use templates to get the job done or if your feeling adventurous, develop a site from scratch using WordPress.

  • Create business, portfolio, online-store site with our WordPress expert instructor.
  • Learn how to use and manage a web site using WordPress
  • Free premium WordPress theme with every private course
  • Take control of your WordPress site, no more emails to a distant designer

Interested? Make a booking enquiry and we will answer any questions you have about the course or schedule.

Powerful, Intuitive, Fun and Interesting

WordPress is full of powerful easy to use functionality and with a few extra plugins you can create just about any web site you require. Here are some of the topics we can cover during your private WordPress course.

  • Total Beginners Guide to WordPress
    What is WordPress? How does it work? How do I install it?
  • Polls, Articles, Feeds and more
    WordPress comes with some powerful features straight out of the box.
  • Installing WordPress
    How to download and install WordPress on your computer and host server.
  • Choosing a Free / Premium Theme
    There are litterally thousands of themes available for you to choose from.
  • WordPress Front-End
    Learn the difference between themes, plugins, posts and pages areas.
  • Making Theme Changes
    Learn how to adapt a theme for your web site using HTML & CSS for you business or service.
  • Useful Plugins
    If you need a directory, a online shop or even a booking system, WordPress has the plugins to do the job.
  • Making the most out of Widgets
    Widgets are the key to placing your functionality and interacting with users, if used correctly they bring life to your site.
  • Managing your Site
    Setting up your site for Search Engines, adding new widgets, plugins and themes.
  • Advanced WordPress
    Creating custom themes, altering functionality and applying your own code with HTML & CSS / PHP

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Private Course Benefits

16 hours over 4 Weeks
Choose your own learning times. Our booking team can arrange a custom shedule that suits you.
Work on your own project, this can be creating an entire web site or learning to manage your existing WordPress site.
Email setup
We are always happy to answer support emails and help you get the most out of your training.
16 hours over 4 Weeks
Not only do we give you tutorials but we also record the entire session live for you to take home so you don`t miss a thing!

500 baht discount for every friend you bring

1,750 baht per hourprice inc vatBooking Enquiries

  • Work on your own project
  • Complete course material
  • Live Video Recording of the
    lesson for you to take home
  • 1-2-1 Tuition with our
    expert instructor

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