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    Hotel Owner I can do so much more now than I had ever expected to when I first signed up
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    Ankita freelance web designer "I chose Web Courses Bangkok because the courses were taught in English and were very well structured/planned"
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    Artist and Coach "It's as if I have a personal adviser with me all the time and that is great!"
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    Photographer & Manager "...was tired of not having a clue what people were talking about in development meetings"
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    Charity Founder/Director "The instructors' skill and enthusiasm made the learning straightforward and truly enjoyable."
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    Student Work
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    Expat & Skydiver "From my first beginners course, I basically was hooked"
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    Business Owner "Within days of my site going online and registering with search engines and social networking sites I received inquiries through my contact us page"
  • Marketing Manager

    Marketing Manager "...once you take one course you may well be hooked like me "
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Mike is the Marketing Manager of Data Powertools

Marketing Manager Mike

Mike is responsible for letting the world know about Data Powertools Ltd. Now working from Bangkok Mike is able to completely manage, update and improve his fully e-commerce web site saving him already 1000’s of pounds in designer fees.

Mike can now:

  • Effecively plan a web site
  • Put a site live on the web
  • Use Adobe Photoshop
  • Create professional
    logos using Adobe Illustrator
  • Create effective web sites
  • Manage e-commerce web sites

How did you find Web Courses Bangkok?

WCB came highly recommended by a close friend of mine here in Bangkok.

What made you choose us?

I was impressed by the professional learning environment and the easy going friendly attitude of the staff.

Why were you looking for a Web Course?

I was looking to take full control of my companies current website after being charged extortionate amounts for even simple changes to our site.

How have our courses helped you or your business?

Basically to date they have saved my company thousands of pounds by empowering me to do everything in-house rather than farm the work out to expensive advertising and design agencies. Thanks to WCB I can now fully manage my website, design new pages, create logos and graphics and design promotional material such as flyers, posters and email campaigns.

Thanks to WCB I can now fully manage my website, Mike Dando

What did you like most about our service?

I liked it all but the outgoing and friendly personalities of the instructors really made me feel at ease during the courses.

What has been your best achievement with your new skills?

Designing and publishing a website for a good friend of mine who subsequently received an upturn in business at a very challenging time in the world economy.

What advise would you give anyone reading this and thinking of coming to Web Courses Bangkok?

Go for it. Empower yourself to do more online and in print.

But beware – once you take one course you may well be hooked like me and keep coming back to learn more. Mike Dando

If you have any questions about Mike’s story just contact us

Examples of Mike’s Work

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