• Hotel Owner

    Hotel Owner I can do so much more now than I had ever expected to when I first signed up
  • Freelance Web Designer – Ankita

    Ankita freelance web designer "I chose Web Courses Bangkok because the courses were taught in English and were very well structured/planned"
  • Artist and Coach

    Artist and Coach "It's as if I have a personal adviser with me all the time and that is great!"
  • Photographer & Manager

    Photographer & Manager "...was tired of not having a clue what people were talking about in development meetings"
  • Charity Founder/Director

    Charity Founder/Director "The instructors' skill and enthusiasm made the learning straightforward and truly enjoyable."
  • Student Work

    Student Work
  • Expat & Skydiver

    Expat & Skydiver "From my first beginners course, I basically was hooked"
  • Business Owner

    Business Owner "Within days of my site going online and registering with search engines and social networking sites I received inquiries through my contact us page"
  • Marketing Manager

    Marketing Manager "...once you take one course you may well be hooked like me "
  • Testimonials

Christian is a Marketing Director at Sawasdee.com and a keen Photographer.

I am a Manager & Photographer

Christian is the Marketing Manager of Sawasdee.com one of the most popular sites here in Thailand and a leader in tourism. As part of his job Christian regularly attended development meeting with the web team, while he had experience using the web he wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the technologies used today. After completing our Beginner and Intermediate courses he now knows what is going on from a technical standpoint.

Christian gets bored easily so when he is not running, cycling, drumming or tackling 2000 stairs he is a keen Photographer. Thanks to our courses Christian can now create online portfolios of his work and keep him entertained!

Christian can now:

  • Effectively plan a web site
  • Create a portfolio site
  • Contribute to web developer meetings
  • Create professional logos using
    Adobe Illustrator
  • Make professional web sites using
    HTML & CSS
  • Using online marketing to tools

How did you find Web Courses Bangkok?

Facebook advertisement.

What made you choose us?

A combination of the website / timing / type of classes and yes as well the fact that the classes were run in English and by foreigners did help a LOT in the selection. The location / venue of the classes was important as well since I do work on a (more than) full time schedule

Why was you looking for a Web Course?

Well – what to say – am I afraid to get bored, or do I always want to develop / learn more. No, to be honest, I do work for an web-based line of business and was a bit tired of not having a clue what people were talking about in development meetings. In addition, I have for a long time been developing the basics of my own website and I should still take a decent step ahead and re-design it from scratch.

How have our courses helped you or your business?

See above, in principle the main help was that I was no longer too singled out in discussions and development meetings. Although I am not directly involved in programming / coding, it is always of advantage to use common language

What did you like most about our service?

Instructors, Customer Service, Support…

Instructors are passionate ! and that is something rather rare in these regions.

What has been your best achievement with your new skills?

No real achievements to date – a head full of ideas, a couple of domain names on hand and … plenty of opportunities ahead !

What advise would you give anyone reading this and thinking of coming to Web Courses Bangkok?

Definitely the right place to go if time / budget allows. The way the classes are done and the small groups allow a steady growth, albeit with proper guidance and support from the instructors

If you have any questions about Christian’s story just contact us