We had the good fortune to come across Web Courses Bangkok about 2 ½ years ago when we hired them to produce our new website.

Carl Heaton really went the extra mile – from the design and staff training – through to the end result: a first class, professional group website, which is both user friendly and provides us with exactly the functionality we require. Extra training was also provided so that our relevant staff are now fully able to look after the website – adding things, changing content etc.

We have had a lot of support also, with Carl in particular going the extra mile to ensure that our website is always an asset and never a hindrance.

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From start to finish, it was a painless experience and, nearly 3 years later, we still have a modern looking, professional website that continues to serve the needs of our group.

I would recommend any company, large or small, to use Web Courses Bangkok for all of their website needs – from design, to execution to problem solving. Here at Chavalit Law Group, we have also used them for all of our internet training needs (they can provide great tailor made solutions for all levels and staff members).

I will certainly use them in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Jimmy Byrne