By Carl Heaton on

Dick and TreemsI’ve always been interested in communications, online marketing and social media. So when my friends were looking for someone to create a website for their new business, I jumped at the chance – even though I didn’t know a thing about website design and development! I found out about WCB from a friend who made a very creative and professional personal website through the group classes. Because of my schedule I chose to take private lessons on the weekend. I took a total of 3 2-hour lessons, after which my website was online. Carl was a great teacher. He made the process very easy to understand so I can easily maintain the website and even gave me tips on visual design, online writing and SEO.

Plus, he’s helped me out since the class whenever I have questions.Tara Chanapai

It was extremely empowering to be able to create and manage a website on WordPress all by myself, and my friends were very happy and impressed with the outcome.

Now, the website I built is up and running and helping my friends get customers for their new tailoring business. And I’m looking forward to building another website soon!