Revolutionizing Tech Interviews: Why Employers Should Share Questions in Advance

In the competitive tech industry, attracting and retaining top talent is paramount. A growing trend among progressive companies like John Lewis is the practice of publishing interview questions in advance. This method not only aids candidates in their preparation but also enhances the quality of the hiring process for employers. This article explores the manifold […]

Interview with Web Developer Mr James Rose, Aktura Technology

1) For those of you who don’t know you, can you please introduce yourself and your company Hey ! I’m James Rose. Me and my business partner Mark run a few businesses. The “parent” one is Aktura Technology and our new focus is Content Snare.   Aktura builds web based applications and software for a […]

Interview with Marko Islamovic, CEO of Gigrove

1) Tell us something about yourself Marko ? Your background ? Hey my name is Marko Islamovic and I’m a founder & CEO of GigRove. ☺ I’m a generalist – But I mainly focus on product design & programming. For the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out how to help small businesses […]

Interview with Entrepreneur and Author – Karsten Aichholz

1. Hello Karsten, please tell us more about yourself,,, and your ongoing adventures? I first came to Thailand in 2006 to start my first company here. Technically I came to Thailand the first time in September 2005 for a weekend where I bought a lot of knock-off t-shirts that I then had to […]

Interview with the founder of Rabbit Learning – Orson Tormey

Orson Tormey is a web application developers for many years in Bangkok and has founded Rabbitlearning since 2013. He’s working with local developers on mobile projects for education and e-commerce. We recently had an amazing opportunity to interview with the founder of Rabbit Learning about the start of the app and what it means for […]

Interview With Web Developer Darren Moore – Founder of Firecreek

Interview with web developer darren moore

Darren Moore is a professional web developer for more than 18 years now and has founded Firecreekweb in Bangkok back in 2007. He is responsible for mobile, tablet and web application development. Consultancy and full project management are other strengths of him. Enjoy the interview with web developer Darren Moore and listen to why he […]