About Web Courses

Web Courses Bangkok was founded over 10 years ago and has continued to grow
to be one of the best places to learn web design skills in South East Asia, here is why:

The challenge of starting a new digital career can be daunting. Web Courses Bangkok delivers up to the minute industry-standard training coupled with career guidance and ongoing support to ensure our trainees are ready to step into the industry with confidence.

Web Courses Bangkok is the first international training centre to be fully accredited by the Ministry of Education Thailand with 12 years of successfully helping people change their lives.

Our in-person courses are taught by industry professionals who inspire and excite through creativity and experience.

We help those with a passion or idea to grow their projects into reality.

We make learning tech easy and friendly.

Our Clients

As word of the quality and success of our courses have grown
we have been asked by many world renowned companies
to train their staff and teams.

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Online and Social Media Marketing

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UX and UI Design

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Photoshop and Illustrator

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Microsoft Excel

Our Team

We would be nowhere without our team, which continues to grow.
Let us introduce ourselves and the roles we play. If you would like to join our team,
contact us and send an enquiry about our open positions.


Carl Heaton, Founder and Instructor

“I help train our teachers and support our agency team with plenty of lovely UX designs. I am always around and you can often see me waffling on stage about something.”


Onwarin Niyomsataya, Director

“Each year we got to share skills to our lovely students and I love how diverse we are. I am looking forward to see you.”


Storm Steen, Digital Marketing

“Hey, I’m Storm! I’ve got a burning passion for digital marketing and love sharing it with our Web Courses Bangkok family.”


Nat Ekariyaphong, Booking Administrator

“My name is Nat and I enjoy  working in this friendly but professional environment.”

Mink, Instructor

“Helping design and build physical or online products is something she enjoys. When she’s not helping with the commercial arts, she’s enjoying the musical arts with a guitar and a song.”


Matt Myer, Instructor

“I help students learn new skills, especially building mobile apps. Whether it’s building a game or a chat app, I love to share my industry experience”


Cylis Vaidya, Dev Instructor

“I am a professional web developer and I will teach you how to create and maintain your website.”

Dimitri Golecko, Instructor

“I help our students grow in anything and everything related to web design.”

We Love Giving Back

“Help when you can” is one of our mantras so we work with charities here in Bangkok to help give back to the community.
Here are some recent and ongoing projects:

Camillian Care Home

We have been working with the team at Camillian Home for over 5 years and in that time we have helped with their branding, built them 3 websites, helped market their events and we invite their team to all our classes so they can continue to help the children. View the site we built and manage from them here…

Bangkok free ambulance

Marko Cunningham has devoted his life to saving others. He works all around Asia and specifically here in Bangkok. Web Courses has not only built a website for Marko but in 2013 we ran a stand-up comedy event and raised over 70,000 baht to help towards a new fast response bike which has already helped save people involved in accidents here in Bangkok. View the website we built for Marko here… 

bangkok community theatre

We have offered places in many of our courses to PAWS Bangkok, CCD children in need. We also support local communities like the Bangkok Community Theatre.

If you know a charity, based in Thailand, that you feel would benefit from learning web design, graphic design, online marketing or even social media marketing please Contact Carl

bangkok community theatre

We care, so we teach. This has been our philosophy and it is also reflected in our continued camaraderie with Steps with Theera; a life skills and employability centre for people with special needs. Here at Web Courses Bangkok we provide mentoring to students from Steps with Theera from the experienced staff of the Web Courses Agency branch. View their site here.

Want to join our team?

Click below to learn more about job openings here at WCB