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Creating quality ads online can sometimes be a little bit tricky and as an advertiser, you are always trying to get as much value from your ads as you possibly can. No one wants to throw money down the drain on an advertising campaign that sees no ROI. So here are 6 tips to help you when you’re next creating your killer campaign to boost traffic and sales to your website.

Google Adwords

Creating quality ads online can sometimes be a little bit tricky and as an advertiser you are always trying to get as much value from your ads as you possibly can. No one wants to throw money down the drain on an advertising campaign that sees no ROI. So here are 6 tips to help you when you’re next creating your killer campaign to boost traffic and sales to your website.

There are a plethora of tools online that can help you with your campaign writing however, without having the best practices as your guide, no matter how good the tool, the ads just will not perform to their peak efficiency.



Your keywords are the lifeblood to your campaign, so you need to make sure that you are putting a decent amount of effort into the building of your keyword list. How do you then get the best keywords and what are you looking for in a keyword?

Firstly it’s not always best to be looking for a single word that describes your product of service. For example, if you are a designer, what sort of designer are you? a web designer? a graphic designer? an interior designer? the options can go on and on, so if your looking at a single keyword like ‘designer’ it’s not in your best interest.

So then, using the designer example you’re a service provider, can you use ‘design services’? well again you’re hitting the same obstacles, so lets drill down a little. lets say that you are a graphic designer, what sort of graphic designer are you? an illustrative or a layout designer?

Now we can start to see how you should be looking at your keywords.

‘Logo graphic design services’.
‘Graphic design services for logos’.

And so on, but can we get even better keywords that? can we be more descriptive about your business? how about cheap or fast or stylized? The more descriptive you can be about your business, the better start you will have to your keyword list.

Once you have your keyword list you then need to go the online tools like the Google Keyword Tool, keyword samurai or others (some paid some free) and put your list in. Are there any people searching for your keywords? If so, then you are on a winner and you may be able to find other descriptive phrases and words that people are searching for that you may not have thought of.

So now we have a keyword list…

Negative Keywords


Having a negative keyword list is almost as essential as having positive keywords. This is pretty simple to achieve as all you have to do is put a – in front of a word that you don’t want to have associated with your search terms. For example your trying to get your ad shown for the search ‘graphic designer’ and your services are charged at a premium you would use the negative -cheap -discount -budget. Adding those sort of words will help ensure that you’re not going to get clicks on your ad that will not convert.

An easy way to find common negative keywords is by using the google keyword tool, put in your desired search term and run a broad match, then phrase match search and take note of what additional words come up. Those are the ones that you want to utilize in your keyword list.

Editorial groups

Developing some basic groupings to your keywords is essential to having a well rounded campaign. Let’s take the designer example again, you have built your keyword list but that list is 150 words long and it covers everything from ‘color logo design’ to ‘black and white photo manipulation’.

Now you can’t have one ad that has all the different keywords in it (I’ll explain more on that in the quality score) so you have to break your list into seperate components, different niche areas if you will. This will allow you to firstly, go back to your keyword research and see if there are more keywords that you can find that are more specific to the individual product you are offering and secondly, it will help you target your ads to the searcher much more effectivly.



The first selling point of your campaign has to be a good one. It needs to be snappy, to the point and give enough information to tell the user what your trying to get across. There are a few things you can do here.

    1. Use DKI, this will dynamically insert a matching keyword into the title
    2. A question
    3. A statement of the product

As this is the very first point of sale that you have with your customer, it’s very important to make it hit home and be as relevant to your product as you can. If you’re selling Jumping castles and your emphasis is on Jumping castles make your title ‘Buy Jumping Castles Here!’. it’s a little better than ‘Party Fun Rides’

The title also has a big effect on your quality score so make sure that the title has keywords that are also found in your ad copy and on the landing page that your ad is going to. Remember, the better the quality sore the cheaper the keyword and higher up the page your ad will go!

Just a little note on writing Google Micro-copy, Always Capitalise The First Letter Or Every Word, Even In Your Display URL. It Looks Better.

Ad variations

You should never just have one ad and hope for the best as you’re only going to be selling yourself short and possibly end up not selling anything at all! By writing a few variations on the same theme in each ad, you can do a simple test and see what style of ad is resounding better with your customers.

For example, is a question based ad having a lot of click through but resulting in less sales compared to a lower CTR, but better sales for a statement ad?

Quality score

This is a pretty important piece of the adwords pie here, as the quality score will determine how much you are paying per click, how often your ad will get shown and how high up on the list your ad will display.

Tips to a good quality score…

  • As mentioned before, the keywords in your title matching the copy and landing page
  • Relevance of the keywords to the product you’re selling on site
  • Same keywords and tone of voice across all your ads and site
  • The quality of the landing page that your ad is going to
  • Depth of pages, how deep the link is that your ad goes to
  • Traffic to your site
  • Social indicators of your site (Facebook likes and the ilk)
  • The amount of copy and image alt tagging your landing page has
  • The click through rate of your ads will also affect your score

Quality score is the key to having an effective ad campaign, the better the Google quality score, the less you pay for the clicks and the higher up the page your ad will go. The higher up the page, the better your campaign will run!



Managing your spend is of course pretty important, as you want to see some sort of return on your investment as well as to not spend everything you have in the first week!

Think about your customers and your offering, are you selling b2b only? Then think about having your ad not show after-hours and on weekends, that will ensure that you get less, less relevant clicks.


The most important part of your entire campaign is measurement of its effectiveness. Doing plenty of testing is the best way to ensure that your ad is the most relevant and appealing to your customers, changing the title, changing the copy, having variations of the ad with the same title and variations of the same title with the same ad.

Using a selection of keywords for an ad and then running the same ad with a different set of keywords. Unless you test and change you will never know the optimal combination of ad to keyword selection that you can get. And of course, finding what is going to return you the most amount of customer click through’s and spend, to the money your spending on your ad!

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