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“Grow your ideas” is a perfect way to describe Web Courses Bangkok as every client who trains with them is guaranteed to possess professional web design skills.

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“Grow your ideas” is a perfect way to describe Web Courses Bangkok as every client who trains with them is guaranteed to possess professional web design skills.

Why Web Courses Bangkok?

Student’s showcase which is presented on the wall of excellence is an example of what a person will achieve after completing their various courses. This reflects the professionalism and experience of their instructors even though the trainees don’t have any basic knowledge about Web Design as they will guide you through every step ensuring you reach the highest level of your potential.

Multidisciplinary and Job/Business-oriented

What makes Web Courses Bangkok special from every other institute is that they were selected to be an institute who taught training skills on online marketing, E-commerce and Product Photography to’s customers. was founded by Jack Ma and is now one of the leading B2B websites all around the world.

web courses bangkok carl interview alibaba

The Teaching Philosophy

Carl Heaton Management Director at Web Courses Bangkok (WCB) shared with us his experience in being one of the experts in the Web Design field for the past 16 years before opening up the institute. He tried seeking for professionals who are able to understand Online Communications Media including those who are interested in Online Marketing and E-Commerce but was unable to find people who truly understood what he was looking for hence, he opened up his own school.

web courses bangkok carl interview alibaba Partnership

WCB’s specialty is that they were associated with to become their partner. is the biggest export site which is on the same level as Ebay and Amazon. However, it is guaranteed that the courses are taught in English by professional and experienced instructors in their respective fields. Web Courses Bangkok guarantees that you will be allowed to work anywhere in the world with the hands on professional skills you will achieve.

“One of WCB’s strongest point is that they directly from the teacher’s experience and not by the book and this is WCB’s biggest advantage. “

The Course Offer

From 16 years of experience in Web Design it has enabled to Carl to let WCB be outstanding in comparison to other institutes. It emphasizes directly on the instructor’s experience instead of using books however with the aid of visual materials such as Prezis, an online slideshow.

web courses bangkok carl interview alibaba

Group and Private choice

The courses at WCB are divided into group training and private training. With a maximum of 8 students in the group class as to give equal importance to every student. The private courses are suitable according to the student’s timing and dates available to study and is perfectly suitable for a student who has their own project in mind to accomplish which allows direct consultation with the teacher. Lastly, is studying online which allows the students to study from anywhere in the world.

“Our students who come to WCB achieve our professionalism as we guide them through the process of Web Design and Graphic Design. Majority of our graduates are foreigners but there are locals who are interested in studying. Locals who are interested in studying Web Design are also improving their English skills as WCB uses English as the main language to communicate.”

If you are unsure of your starting point, you can pay WCB a visit and explain your ideas to them about your project. Despite sharing your ideas and experiencing with WCB instructors the process of building a website, students will be able to create professional looking websites and market online efficiently.

web courses bangkok carl interview alibaba

Are you ready to “Grow your ideas” with us?

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