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Great things have to start somewhere and the 10 Cool Weekly Websites is no exception. Each week Steffi will find us a fantastic collection of useful and cool websites.

cool websites

This week we will show you some very cool websites, which we have randomly selected from the internet. They don’t belong to any specific category or theme, it’s just a collection of websites using different styles and character. Hopefully you will find inspiration within those sites, maybe even some concrete ideas, how to apply those to your own project.

Now some very cool websites

cool websites

Philippe Stark’s Website

If I were to make a portfolio website I would make it like this. The reason is that I like the simplicity of the page, the modern plain style.

cool websites

Gary’s Website

This website is very colorful and very dynamic. It has a young and fresh style.

cool websites

Noah Stoke’s Website

This website consists of a beautiful landscape background picture and a content window, which have been mixed together in a nice way.

cool websites

Jax Vineyard’s Website

What I like about this site is the combination of simplicity, easy navigation and well chosen contrast colors.

cool websites

Biola Undergrad’s Website

I like the background color, which has a hand-painted look and the little illustrations on that page. Some of the fonts have a “handwriting” character.

cool websites

Mike’s Portfolio Website

This website is quite different to what you will usually find, because it is very unique for a portfolio site, using very bright colors and just one impact image.

Free People Clothing Boutique img

Free People Clothing’s Website

What I like is the match of the old “50s” and handmade graphic and the modern content.

Christopher Calicott img

Christopher Calicott’s Website

The brightness and the simplicity are the main key aspects of this website.

Utah Travel img

Utah Travel’s Website

The combination of common graphics and 3 dimensional images are outstanding.

Stephen Caver img

Stephen Caver’s Website

I like the combination of geometrical construction and different font styles together with the background picture.

Do you have any cool websites you want us to feature? If so email me


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