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Today’s interview is with Dejan Cancarevic, who is a Project Manager of  ManageWP platform, book author and entrepreneur.

Today’s interview is with Dejan Cancarevic, who is a Project Manager of  ManageWP platform, book author and entrepreneur.


Hello Dejan, thank you for participating in our interview. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Hi Kamila, thanks for having me! My name is Dejan Cancarevic and I work for Serbian based startup My primarily responsibility is project management but I am also involved into business development and product design. Also I am also book author, scientific publications author and entrepreneur by nature.

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Where did you learn the skills you are using now for your projects? Did you go to college or did you teach yourself?

Yes, I did go to college and I have masters degree in software engineering. During my studies I also worked a lot as a freelancer and therefore I have an fantastic mix of theoretical knowledge from school and practical knowledge from industry, that I use every day for my project management activities. But, the learning path never ends, I learn something new every day, read books, go to various seminars and similar.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I really enjoy the feeling of completed project or task or something small in general. That is probably why I am PM in the first place! I don’t like to leave the work behind, late deadlines and unfinished products. Also, I have very good and interesting team working with me and I enjoy working with them as well.

What is ManageWP and how did it get started?

ManageWPManageWP is ultimate WordPress dashboard for managing multiple WordPress websites. We are the absolute product leaders, with cutting edge technologies and intelligent solutions for more than just managing multiple websites. It started as a brainchild of our CEO, Vladimir Prelovac, in 2011 and launched for public in early 2012.

Can you tell us about the process of your application development ?

Luckily there are standard and formally documented procedures for software development with lot of best practices examples and similar. So having that learned in school helps me a lot, but each project is specific in its own way and need specific approach angle. But the general thing I like to do, and is very good to do, is lot of planing. I plan everything ahead, talk with the team a lot during that process, do a lot of modeling, diagrams, documents and of course track and monitor everything along the way. I also like to analyse things, measure results and see how we are doing. Anything you do will provide you lot of useful but raw information. This can be new product development, new marketing campaign or anything else. I like to analyse that raw data and see how we can improve.

Could you describe us the main features of WP platform that makes it stand out?

Today WordPress is much more than simply a blogging platform. I tend to look at WordPress as a extremely large community of happy users and that is exactly why it stands out. I always loved open source solutions and being amazed every day with the people who make cool stuff with it! Therefore, today main feature of WordPress is community and it’s output.

What are the essential skills and knowledge needed in order to use ManageWP to the fullest ?

ManageWP is built with the idea to make the process of managing multiple WordPress websites as effortless as possible.Therefore you don’t need any additional skills or knowledge  prior to regular understanding of WordPress admin and actions. We are working constantly on improving our product and making it even easier to use and more efficient based on our user requests.
So each day it is getting more and more tailored solution just for your needs.

By using your platform, how will web designers improve their performance?

ManageWP is pretty large system, but we are hiding it’s complexity in intelligent ways, so every user group would use just the things he/she needs. So, whether you are a designer or publisher or SEO expert or anything else we have the tool-set for you to improve your performance and grow your business.

Can you tell us about the most exciting projects you’ve worked on before ?

I used to work on research projects in different universities and that way very useful experience. I also worked on couple of startups, and I still do on one of them. Some of the previous ones include which revolutionized taxi industry. Currently the one I am working on is a very interesting social network concept.

In our opinion, what are the key skills needed to become a successful Project Manager ?

Project management is something that you learn, but if you also have personal qualities that match this position that is a huge plus. These include good people skills, organization skills and also I strongly believe that having formal education and practice in the area where you are doing PM job
is very important. If someone who didn’t write any code at all wants to do PM for IT company, I’d beworried about his/hers understanding of the complete project and implementation process.

Could you give an advise to our trainees on where to start if they wanted to get involved in the same line of work like yours ?

Educate yourself, be an expert for something and familiar with everything else. Then if you feel comfortable in managing people, assigning tasks, and being responsible for everything, start reading about PM and ask to have more responsibilities in your company.

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