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Today’s interview is with Evgeni Dinev, who is a bulgarian landscape photographer who has a huge ability to capture through his lens magic in his shots of landscape.




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Hello Evgeni Dinev and thank you for participating in this interview! Would you like to introduce yourself?

I live and work in Bulgaria. It is a small beautiful European country on the west side of Black Sea. I am 36 years old, father of two children. Photography has been my vocation for the past five or six years.

How and why did you become a photographer? Did you go to a college to learn photography?

I haven’t attended any courses or lessons. Like many others, I had a small camera first, then I bought a DSLR and couple photography books. I didn’t have good results at the beginning, but I was too stubborn to cede. Over the years, I’ve travelled over the mountains and parks of my country, exploring interesting places, then I found the obvious truth – photos in the right place at the right time. This is how I developed my creative sense and I learned the technique necessary to save those magic moments of nature.

Could you tell us about one of your favourite projects you have worked on? and why you loved it so much?

Usually I don’t talk about favourite projects, I’d rather say I have favourite months or weather conditions. I love October and November, when the forests are so colorful in golden and red; January and February, when the snow falls and paints it all in white; May  and June, when the nature becomes green and the trees and flowers burst into blossom. These months are dynamic and quite interesting from a photographic point of view. Cataclysms as storms and flood offer the most imposing expression of the power of nature. They are so great for photographing but at same time they are extremely hard for shooting.

What do you enjoy the most of being a photographer?

I feel powered by positive energy every single time when I’m outwards. I’m happy to have a chance to catch the best moment and share it.

In your opinion what is the most important skill of a good photographer?

The photography is an art, you need more sense than skills. The photographer should be able to imagine the final picture in his mind. Good technical skills help to achieve it using a camera and post processing work.

What kind of networks do you use to get clients?

I mostly rely to my own site and FB page. People find and share my photos in different social networks as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. Also, I upload some of my photos in Flickr, TrekEarth and 500px.

Could you tell us what’s in your personal “toolbox”? for photography ie. Software, hardware, books.

My camera is Canon 5d MkII, lenses 17-40L and 70-200L, GND filters, Gitso Mountainer tripod, In post processing, I use Lightroom and some NikSoftware plug-ins.

Is there one Photographer or Individual who inspired you to become a photographer?

Sure. I admire the great landscape photographers as Art Wolfe, Galen Rowell and others. Their work is an endless source of inspiration for me.
Evgeni Dinev

Where do you get inspiration and ideas from for new projects?

The Unknown always provoke my curiosity and keeps me in suspense. Places where I’ve never been are unpredictible and hide a surprise which inspires me.

Evgeni Dinev

Is there any photography website or blog you visit often?

I use a feed reader to read the new posts of my favorite photographers. I don’t visit photo forums or sites.
Evgeni Dinev

If someone reading this is interested in getting more involved with photography work, what sort of advice would you offer them?

Be patient, shoot with emotion and commitment. Do not be afraid to search your picture even when it takes a lot of time and resources. Select your best and share it.

If you want to see more work from Evgeni Dinev go to his personal website, and you can also pay him a visit on his Facebook page

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