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Today I found 10 freelance jobs websites for web designers, web developers, graphic designers, copy writers and many other professionals. Whether you’re tired of your office job and want to try something new, or whether you’re an established freelancer looking for new clients, have a look at these sites.

Today I found 10 websites that offer freelance jobs for web designers, web developers, graphic designers, copy writers and many other professionals. Whether you’re tired of your office job and want to try something new, or whether you’re an established freelancer looking for new clients, have a look at these sites.

1. Freelance Jobs Websites – Upwork

upwork home page

On you can advertise your freelance services directly to interested buyers, or you can search the project database and submit bids for the projects on which you would like to work. Freelancers can start with a basic free service.

Each project includes an online workspace shared by the customer and the freelancer, allowing them to share files and feedback.


Price: From free

Commission: None

2.Freelance Jobs Websites – oDesk


oDesk is a global marketplace that helps employers hire, manage, and pay remote freelancers or teams. Freelancers can sign up for free and apply for posted job offers. oDesk handles the billing for the freelancer and guarantees payment while ensuring the employer that hours paid are hours worked through the oDesk team application. No commission is charged to the freelancer, fees are paid by employers.

Price: Free

Commission: None

3. Freelance Jobs Websites – Freelancer

freelance jobs websites offers a free basic membership that lets you participate in bidding on freelance projects and charges commissions if you win a project and get paid by the client. Paid gold membership lowers the commission fee and allows you an on-site portfolio.

Price: Basic membership – free / Gold membership – $24.95 /month

Commission: Basic – 10% of the project price (at least $5) / Gold – 3% of the project price

4.Freelance Jobs Websites – Guru

freelance jobs websites

After registering a Freelancer account, you must post at least one profile so employers can view your skills and the services you offer. Your profile will also enable you to search for and submit proposals on projects, and it will be matched with new project postings. The SafePay system ensures that you will receive the money you worked for. Basic membership is free but will be charged a higher commission than paid membership accounts.

Price: Basic membership – free / Paid membership – from $9.95

Commission: Basic – 10% / Paid – 5%

5. Freelance Jobs Websites – Authentic Jobs

freelance jobs websites works like a simple job board where companies can post fulltime and freelance jobs and you can browse them and apply for free. You don’t even need to register to apply for a freelance job, and fees are paid by the company that posts the job. All the details such as contracts, payment etc. must be agreed between company and applicant.

Price: Free

Commission: None

6. Freelance Jobs Websites – People Per Hour

freelance jobs websites is a marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers all over the world in a trusted environment where they buy and sell services to each other. Registering a basic account is free and gives you limited access to the site’s features, such as a portfolio up to 20MB and a limited number of bids per months. You will be charged a commission fee which decreases for paid memberships.

Price: Basic – free / Paid – from £7.95/month

Commission: Basic – 10% / Paid – depending on membership plan 5.5% or less

7. Freelance Jobs Websites – No Agencies Please

freelance jobs websites is a very simple direct recruitment board which is free for both employers and freelancers. Employers can be contacted directly via the email address the post in the job offer so there’s no middle man involved and communication takes place directly.

Price: Free

Commission: None

8. Freelance Jobs Websites – Elance

freelance jobs websites

Elance offers access to qualified clients, a virtual workplace and guaranteed pay for great work. You can use the Elance portfolio system to show off your work, highlight your skills and credentials and join professional Groups. Basic membership is free with possible upgrades to several paid membership plans. Depending on this, you will get a certain amount of “contacts” per month that you can use to make bids on projects.

Price: Basic – free / Paid – from $9.99

Commission: 6.75% – 8.75%

9. Freelance Jobs Websites – Freelance Switch

freelance jobs websites

The Freelance Switch jobs board freelancers can respond to posted job ads or be contacted by employers. Before being able to reply to any offers, you have to sign up for a free account. Terms of contract, payment etc. must be negotiated between client and freelancer.

Price: Free

Commission: None

10. Freelance Jobs Websites – Project 4 Hire

freelance jobs websites is a freelance job site that lets you register and bid on jobs for free, but will charge commission on the value of any project you win BEFORE you accept the project. After becoming a member, you can also choose to become a Certified Contractor for a fee if you fulfill certain requirements and provide additional information.

Price: Free

Commission: 5% of the project value

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freelance jobs websites


I hope I was able to show you some valuable resources for finding freelance jobs.

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