By Heba Smit

For the people who don’t know you, would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Julie. I’m a UX designer based in Singapore, currently working for Huge digital agency Singapore that focuses on user-centric design.

What are your missions?

My goal is to design things people will love. I believe in the notion that a product can be great if we listen to users and meet their needs. If we can delight them or make them happy in the process, even better.

huge digital agency singaporeWhat would your perfect work environment be?

We have a dog in our office and I love having her around! Aside from that, I’d say being surrounded by people who support and inspire you is the best thing you can ask for.

Why do clients love to work with Huge Digital Agency Singapore?

We make a conscious effort to immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture, business, and core needs. Because of this, our projects often become partnerships where we learn from each others’ respective expertise. We are hired for our unique, user-centric insight and we uphold that in all the work we do, regardless of industry, region, or technological platform. Many companies need a group of people who advocate for their customers, and that’s what we do.

What kind of difficulties did you come across when you started at Huge Digital Agency Singapore?

When I first started at Huge more than 3 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of talent around me. It took me some time to feel like I measured up (sometimes I still struggle with this!). From this, I’ve learned how rewarding it is to work with people who inspire and challenge you. At the beginning, I was like a sponge, learning from all the smart people around me and growing my skill-set at a tremendous pace.

“I’m still learning and growing and I hope to never stop doing that.”

What is the biggest difference between Huge Digital Agency Singapore and any other web agency?

Our culture. The desire to do great work and the conviction with which we believe in user-centric design is part of our company’s DNA. We are also very community-based. Though we have locations worldwide, each office is invested in their local creative community to help foster UX and design talent.

huge digital agency singapore

What is your biggest achievement since the launch of your company?

To start the Huge Digital Agency Singapore office, I came here with two other people and we hit the ground running, immersing ourselves in what Singapore had to offer and working night and day to establish a base here. Though we are from all over the world and are avid travelers, we still had to acclimate to a new culture — both in business and outside of work. This was challenging, but a year later, I’m proud of how much this office has grown (we’ve more than quadrupled in size) and I feel a sense of excitement about all the opportunities we have yet to uncover here.

“we still had to acclimate to a new culture — both in business and outside of work.”

Can you tell me about one of your favorite project you have worked on?

I once helped make an app for kids between 6-11 years of age. For research, I sat with a group of kids and made prototypes with craft supplies while talking to them about what they’d want the app to do. Because kids’ imaginations know no bounds and they believe technology is a marvel, not a limiting factor, they came up with the greatest and most fun concepts. The project team was able to take that insight and turn it into a successful app within months. I think it’s a great example of how much you can learn by really listening to and engaging with your users.

For you, what is a good user experience design?

It has to be intuitive. Most people just accept that an experience is annoying or difficult; they blame themselves for “doing it wrong”. It’s going to take time but we need to change this acceptance and sense of defeat. When something is hard to use, it’s a failure of the design, not the user. The larger goal of UX is to mitigate those failures, simplify the experience, and get to a place where people can use things without giving up or feeling frustrated. This is not limited to digital either. Imagine a world where products didn’t require instruction manuals. That would be a good user experience.

What sort of advice would you give to our student who would like to be able to start good projects like yours?

Teach yourself! The UX and design community have thrived online and there are so many ideas out there that are worth reading. Smashing, Net Magazine, Boxes and Arrows, 37Signals, A List Apart, Medium, even Tumblr — all have great reads about UX. Use those resources to gain your own perspective, and then go forth and make stuff.

Heba Smit

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Heba is our web design intern from Holland. She loves designing and developing websites as well as writing tutorials for our blog.