By Carl Heaton

We are very lucky to have a double interview with Kelly Abanto and Pedro Meca of Pampaneo. Both designers and Illustrators they create some amazing work that has been featured in many quality galleries.

Name: Kelly Abanto and Pedro Meca


Job Title:Designers / Illustrators

Nationality: Peruvian (Kelly) / Spanish (Pedro)

Age: 30 (Kelly) / 35 (Pedro)

What are your skills:
Illustration, Graphic and web design.

Web Designers Interview

How long have you been a web designer?:

We started 4 years ago designing simple HTML/Flash webs separately, and we started together with Pampaneo half and a year ago.

About how many sites have you made?:

As Pampaneo we have made about 7 sites more or less complex involving CMS sites and non CMS.

What made you want to be a web designer?:

In the case of Pedro, he always was fascinated about the big posibilites of the web and its challenges, for Kelly, the web is a funny and a very different visual world.

What was the first web site you made?:

As Pampaneo, we made our website (

What would be the ideal web project for you?:

A project based on illustration, with some of animation and well paid!.

What projects are you currently working on?
This month we will release an online store made in Prestashop (you can see here the design “aeroquino”). And we are working on a web site for a local NGO and a small site for a street musician. Apart from this we are designing the second number of a printed magazine, and other small projects.

What is best part of being a web designer?:

The constant (and hard sometimes) learning of the last tecnologies and finding the way of making real a very creative and risky project, looking for the best technology and avoiding the obstacles of the web media.

Tell us about your best as experience as a web designer?:

The last two projects ( , have been very rewarding during all the process of creation. Both are very different in thematic, and we have learned new techniques. The process of design has been really intense in both cases.

Tell us about your worst as experience as a web designer?:

Pedro remembers from his previous work in an advertising agency a big web very badly constructed with almost millions of CSS files where he has to change the general style modifying the HTML/CSS code. It was really frustrating. Kelly remembers one of her first webs with a very difficult client where the communication was almost impossible.

What are the most important things to learn to be a good web designer?:

You have to be updated with new trends, techniques and technologies reading design blogs daily.
A pretty design couldn’t be a good design for the project. Apart from being visually-attractive, it has to be functional and effective communicating what the client wants to say to the audience.
We find really important to have personal projects where you can be completely free with the design and learn at your own rythm.

What advice would you give to our Web Courses Bangkok students:?

A good design is impossible to obtain in a few hours, usually it needs work, patience and more work.
Taking an interest in other designs like magazines, packaging, etc… can make you grow as a web designer.
Your cultural wealth is directly attached to your final design results.

Thank you to Kelly and Pedro

For more information on this amazing designing duo you can find them at:


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