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Last month in part one of “Right or Wrong” article on Web Courses Bangkok, we shared five simple but important photography tips. Now in this monthly blog post, we continue and give you more tips for a better photography. So grab your coffee (if you are a coffee lover!) and enjoy reading our article.

Last month in part one of “Right or Wrong” article on Web Courses Bangkok, we shared five simple but important photography tips. Now in this monthly blog post, we continue and give you more tips for a better photography. So grab your coffee (if you are a coffee lover!) and enjoy reading our article.

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6- Do you need to buy UV filters?

Lenses are one of the most expensive tools in photography so as a pro photographer protecting your lens is an essential duty. UV filters are colorless glasses which reduce the amount of UV light hitting the lens and can provide extra protection for the front of your lens. It protects lenses from scratching. It is much cheaper to replace a scratched UV filter lens than to replace your actual lens. Do not go for cheap UV filters because the cheap UV filters are not coated properly and reduce the image sharpness. Hoya is one of the good brands you can find, but check the UV filter size and make sure that it matches with you lens size, otherwise it will be a good Christmas gift for your friend!

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7- Does Vignetting effect make a photograph more attractive to viewers?

Vignette is an effect which can be added in post-production in Photoshop, Instogram or other photography software. It makes the photograph sharp and saturated in the center, and fades off at the edges.

Beginner photographers are really interested in this effect, and they use this effect almost on every photograph they take. They think that this effect looks good!

This effect is great but not on every photograph, if you want to lead your viewers’ eye to the center or add mystery to your photograph then do it otherwise forget it.

Good Effect:

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Bad Effect:

web courses bangkok learn photography

8- Does black and white photography make your photograph artistic?

This is another common misunderstanding among beginner photographers. They believe that black and white photography is artistic so again whatever they take will be turn to black and white.

But now let me reveal a point on black and white photography; taking colors out of your photograph conceals your mistakes! Taking a good photo in colors is much harder than b/w, because then you have also to deal with color contrast and color balance.

So please remember this tip; as a beginner, keep shooting in color and avoid b/w photography. It helps you to see the mistakes and correct them.

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9- Which one is better “blurry” or “noisy” photo?

Noisy photo is of course better than blurry photo. This question may hit your mind when you are doing photography at night without tripod and there is not enough light for camera to see the subject. What you can do in this situation; increasing the ISO increases noise on photograph and decreasing ISO number reduces the noise but in return it makes your photograph blurred?

The wright answer is 1- shoot in RAW format 2- increase the ISO number which means you will end up with noisy photographs. But with the magic of camera RAW in Adobe Photoshop CS5, you are able to remove the noise by just one click and save your photograph.

Blurry photos are already death and can’t be fixed with any photography software yet!

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10- Do you really need to share every photograph you take with others?

Always select your best photograph and share with your friends. Do not upload a photograph just because you like it. I have seen some beginners which they upload 2 or more photographs of the same subject because they still can’t select their best photo and choose one of them. Uploading every photograph or some photographs of the same subject reduces the value of your work. You may take hundred photos a day, but one or two of them come out great.

So these is another great tip; be patient, after shooting, look at them carefully and criticizes and challenges yourself then select the best and upload, print or share with your friends.

11- Which one does magic “Camera” or “Photoshop”?

Try always to get the best of your camera. If you have a low quality image, Photoshop does not do magic. The work flows in photography are; getting the best with your camera and then enhance and improve it in Photoshop.

Some of my friends give me crappy photographs which they have taken with their mobile phone and they ask me to retouch and make them great! It is impossible; I can make it to look a bit better and correct the white balance and contrast but I can’t convert it to a high quality one.

Photoshop or Lightroom is just a complementary tool in post-production but it doesn’t do miracle.

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