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With the help of a few online rental agencies, we took the plunge and headed into the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok.

Finding a short term apartment in Bangkok for three months can be a daunting task at the best of times.

Doing it as a foreigner in another country is a recipe for disaster.

We compiled our experiences into a simple guide of whose in the know and who to avoid at all costs when you are on the lookout for that perfect next short term apartment in Bangkok.


rentals in bangkok - ddproperty

After a quick click of google page translate we were on our way, and although the pages don’t all translate to English properly or need to be translated with every criteria search result, we were able to navigate our way around without to many problems.

Quite by accident we clicked on the last tab aptly called “additional” and navigated our way to “Area Insider”, the Holy Grail of information regarding the different areas in Bangkok, a real prize for foreigners.

Bouncing between the area insider tab and the listings tab we were able to quickly find how close each listing was to bus routes, schools and universities, hospitals and doctors, shopping malls, restaurants and even places of worship.



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We sifted through all the usual search criteria and result sorting options until we again quite by accident found the “listings by map” option.

This allows you to zoom into the areas on the map where you are looking to stay, and then adds all the listings in that zoomed in view to your search list. Absolute genius of a search option.

With all the listings on offer all being within a month old, we didn’t find any dead or old listings. As well as that, all listings are incredibly informative regarding each property, with multiple well taken images both inside and outside.

There were also numerous properties offering short term rentals from a single night up to a full month, perfect for our intended short term apartment in Bangkok.


Although easy to navigate with incredible map based search features, it’s those very features that let the website down as it takes far to long for pages to load with all that added extra content.


rentals in bangkok - asiarents

As far as first impressions go AsiaRents has a wonderfully slick and easy to navigate site which auto translates (incredibly well we might add) to your presumed language when you arrive on the site.

Each property is beautifully photographed as well as having a virtual walk through video accompanying it. Making it much easier to get an honest opinion of the property and saving you unnecessary travel and time wasting when it comes to finally deciding to go out and view potential places that tickle your fancy.

AsiaRents has stripped their site of anything you don’t need, it is simple and easy to navigate, with its search criteria basic and to the point, and it’s listing accurate and informative which makes it easy to find a short term apartment in Bangkok. It also includes information on bus, train stations and routes in the area, and even gives a mention to airports.


While already rented units are shown, many of the listings are outdated, and there is no indication as to when each listing was posted so you cannot tell how long it has been advertised for.


rentals in bangkok - merooms

The digital nomad’s paradise. meRooms caters specifically for people looking for a short term apartment in Bangkok.

Whether you are a business person, a student or even just somebody wanting to experience a new city before relocating, this may be just what you are looking for.

A well laid out and easy to navigate site meRooms, uses both map listing and normal image listings simultaneously so finding the perfect spot is a simple as clicking the picture on the map.

The search criteria are pretty standard until you click on the “other features” option which allows you to select what features and amenities you will be requiring in your in your property for your stay. An exciting option for those looking to just plug and play right into your new life.

The search feature also allows you to search within a specified area and goes the extra mile with its suggested similar properties to the one you are currently viewing.

The properties are photographed from multiple angles including the views from the windows to give an accurate idea of what the living spaces look like. The information regarding each property is in depth and even includes a sliding scale rental price which decreases in monthly cost the longer you stay.

The only site where a live chat option was incorporated into it, the service was a good idea however it wasn’t nearly as functional as we would have hoped, as it was not permanently manned, with some of our enquiries never being answered at all.


The biggest problem with meRooms is the slowness of the website. Again the amount of information being given to you to make your experience better is actually creating its own downfall.


rentals in bangkok - airbnb

Airbnb is an ever staple for any traveller, but can be a hit and miss. Looking for a short term apartment in Bangkok was no different. As one would expect, the longer the stay the cheaper the rate with many options available for month long stays.

Possibly one of the best functions this site provides is that you are able to communicate openly with your host before you arrive.

This is extremely important as you are able to inquire about bus routes, area safety and establish that you are actually able to communicate (in English) with your host. Personally, I have come across a few “situations” where a lack of communication has been an issue, so this feature gets my vote.

The map search functionality is accurate, quick and responsive and the reviews of accommodation by previous users make finding a place easy and hassle free.

Being able to view pictures of each property directly from within the search page is a welcomed way to browse and other sites would do well to incorporate this functionality instead of navigating away from its search results.


One of the only websites that keeps doing things right and as such there really isn’t anything we would change. The site experience itself even gets better the more people use it.


rentals in bangkok - hipflat

After landing on the site a quick google page translate was needed to get us searching. The translation was accurate and we were able to search further without any language problems.

The properties listed are from various real estate agencies and as such there is a consistent level of quality across the site. Pictures are well taken giving good views of the inside of the properties and the accompanying information is detailed.

Each property is shown on a local area map and allows a clear indication of what is available in the surrounding area. The “similar ads” found on each page help guide you to more appealing listings, and certainly helps to search somewhat easier instead of scrolling through the search results list.


As one would expect with multiple real estate companies posting the listings, there are many duplicates, long since expired ads and a tedious sign up process for a rental contract.


rentals in bangkok - thaiaparment

A mix of both agent and privately listed sale and rental properties, ThaiApartment is a navigational nightmare with numerous listings navigating away from the site, and the navigational panels moving from the top location to a side location and being lost in adverts.

Many of the listings are misleading and rental prices increase drastically when adding on essential items such as water, lights and wi-fi. Renting a short term apartment in Bangkok is relatively easy but longer term rentals can require as much as 2 months deposit and 1 month in advance before you can even set foot in the property.

The properties are well photographed, but with very little (and in some cases even no) information given about the listing itself or the surrounding area.

The one saving grace though is the review system. Much like Airbnb, previous occupants are able to review their stay and this is quite literally the only way one can safely navigate to properties and get accurate and honest information about them.


This site is incredibly difficult to use. The search functionality is terrible, the listings are misleading, and navigation is a nightmare. You will however find the odd bargain if you are willing to spend a long time searching.


rentals in bangkok - accomasia

A typical estate agency site, AccomAsia is simple to understand and easy to navigate.
Standard search criteria narrow down your listings efficiently and accurately so you can easily find a short term apartment in Bangkok.

While the galleries are filled with a number of professionally taken photographs and a virtual tour video which go a long way to portraying each property in an excellent manner.

Each listing has a wonderfully in depth description with a detailed explanation of all the facilities available there.

There is a brief mention of what is available in the immediate area surrounding the listing, however a visual guide would go a long way to making things easier for somebody who doesn’t know the area.

Enquiries are answered promptly and professionally and the listings are kept up to date, making the all-round dealings with AccomAsia a positively wonderful experience.


Apart from the promotional videos in the client testimonials section that all immediately start playing the moment you arrive on the site, slowing things down slightly, our experience was a very positive one.


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