By Manuel Rozewski

We are almost half way through the year 2016 and many, many great things have happened on Social Media, that it is almost impossible to list every single activity. So here we are with a collection of a few of the greatest social media 2016 highlights and a quick overview, where the technology is leading us nowadays.

L’Oreal and its make-up filters

If you ever used Snapchat before, then you most likely made a great selfie of yourself and laughed your ass off about all the wonderful filters that Snapchat has to offer. Am I right?

In Social media 2016, L’Oreal took this to their advantage and developed with the help of the Snapchat team a filter lens that lets the user apply eyeliner in the shape of a cat’s eye, lip color, foundation and mascara. The icing on the cake is the L’Oreal logo that will pop up as soon as you raise your eyebrows.

social media 2016

The price for such a sponsored graphic using Snapchat is surrealistic high. It ranges between $450,000 and $750,000…..For 24 hours only! Such a crazy amount of money!

L’Oreal justified this move with the recent developments in Social Media. Snapchat has seen the most success for many companies with behind-the-scenes content or early peeks into upcoming products.

What makes it interesting and the first of our social media highlights is that Snapchat users usually receive advertisements on the network up to 3 times more positively than any others social networks. Awesome! We want our customers to happily consume our advertisements.

Taco Bell will transform you!

We will take another look at an awesome Snapchat campaign from this year, but this time, it was created by Taco Bell. Just the thought about Taco Bell makes me hungry right now!…Anyway!

Taco Bell broke the record for the most viewed filters at Snapchat. Gatorade was holding the record before and we will jump to their story later on.

In social media 2016, Taco Bell decided to transform your head into a huge taco shell when you used their Snapchat filter which made up for some really crazy and funny pictures!

social media 2016

They had the idea for a long time already and the final process took them about 6 weeks in cooperation with Snapchat to finalize their filter. In average, the user was playing around with the filter for about 24 seconds before sending it as a snap to one of their friends.

In total, about 224 million views were created with this advertisement in only 24 hours. You just cannot deny how incredibly awesome this is.

Gatorade is giving out free showers for everyone

Do you need a shower? Well, that is what Gatorade was thinking when they created their filter on Snapchat. Users were able to pour a whole bucket filled with Gatorade over their head.

social media 2016

But what made this advertisement perfect this year and one of our favorite social media highlights?

The advertisement was running during the super bowl event as it is the day with the highest amount of activity across all social media platforms. Gatorade was able to generate more than 160 million impressions compared to the 115 million people who tuned in to watch the super bowl.

The head of consumer engagement, Kenny Mitchell, said that Gatorade is rethinking their approach and want to achieve more impact than frequency with their social media platforms. That means, that they do not want to send out a massive amount of tweets and posts on their Facebook, but instead creating messages, that have the possibilities to rise to the top in the busy social media world.

Scott Kelly and his expedition to outer space

Next on our list for social media 2016: Planets and galaxies have always been fascinating for humankind. Since thousands of years, we have been looking up the skies and wondered, what can be found in the far outside world. The universe is just incomprehensibly huge and makes us appear very small.

That is what Scott Kelly thought as well and wanted to share pictures of the space with the whole earth on his Instagram and Twitter. With the help of the technology today, we are able to receive instant pictures or live feeds from outer space and it can makes us feel one step closer to what it would be like to float around in space.

It was not the first time, that Scott Kelly went into space but this time; it was the longest period of time he stayed at the IIS. For almost a year, Scott was living in the space and shared magnificent pictures of our blue earth on his twitter and Instagram with over 1 million followers on both social media networks. Here are some great examples of his work. Scott Kelly landed back on earth back in March.

Facebook live from Space

How did we came so far in this article and have not mentioned a single example of great things happening in social media 2016 that happened on Facebook? Well.. Here we are with the latest success of Facebook.

In the beginning of June, Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg were able to set up live feed video with the International Space Station and three of its astronauts for the first time in its history. The preparation and technology needed for this setup are very complex, but very manageable for big companies like Facebook.

social media 2016

Most of the questions asked by Mark Zuckerberg were submitted by other user’s from Facebook regarding the life in space, their experiments on board and the future of space travel. The stream lasted for 20 minutes with over 2.6 million views. Live…from the IIS! Who could have imagined that a decade ago? You can rewatch the stream here!

What about Facebook’s newest invention to upload 360-degrees videos? Have you even heard about? Mark Zuckerberg and his company decided to give us users of this huge social media platform an easy opportunity to create astonishing pictures, in which you can look in all directions. Here you can find an example of the One World Trade Center in Manhattan.

The most interesting aspect of this is, that you do not need a 360-degree camera necessarily to upload them; you can just use any smartphone and take a panorama picture in a full circle or use any other 360 pictures application offered on google play store or iOS store.

Facebook later will recognize it later a full 360-degree image and you can turn the direction you are looking at by walking in circles with your smartphone, literally! This creation by Facebook makes you feel even closer to many great places around the world!

LinkedIn and Microsoft – Social Media 2016!

Holy Macaroni! Who would have expected that? The giant technology company Microsoft just overtook Linkedin; our social network platform that has a strong focus on business relations and fits perfectly for Microsoft’s current strategy focus. For $26.2 Billion….agreed on over night…finalized by the end of this year.

social media 2016

Of course, the LinkedIn co – founder Reid Hoffman said that he fully supports this decision and that it is a re-founding event with great opportunities for everyone involved as well as he is excited about this newly created business.

But what impacts does have for us, the LinkedIn users? Now we are once again in the hand of another giant company that just wants to collect the big data. Where is this leading? Such things are not easy to predict but all that we know is, that Microsoft is now the leader for big data on an individual and organizational level in the professional world.

Hello advertising world! This will help the industry for an even more refined, personalized targeting, especially in the B2B advertising section with an additional reach of 433 million people, all coming from LinkedIn.

Here we are now and I am waiting for my free premium account on LinkedIn.

Olympic Games – The Promotion of Peace and Unity 2016

My last paragraph here is more like a prediction. As we all know, the Olympic Games are coming up very soon and the Chief Innovation Officer Brian Yamada announced that he expects the Olympic Games to be a social media 2016 highlight – the largest Social Media event ever!

social media 2016


This year’s Olympics has a main movement messages that will deliver the message to all the people in the world, that we all do sports for the respects and to honor each other. We strive to excellence and celebrate friendship to bring the humankind together. Facebook and hashtags will play an important role to convey the messages.

#OlympicPeace will help to gain global reach and international broadcast partners will primarily publish their video content on their digital networks. This Olympic movement will help that people all around the world can engage and better understand the purpose of Olympics; the promotion of peace and unity within the international community through the medium of sports.


Get your smartphones ready and help #OlympicPeace to gain its reach all around the world.

How Nintendo turns us into children again: Pokémon Go

Out of the blue, Nintendo released a trailer back in September 2015 about their new application Pokémon Go. It was a huge success just announcing it which is why this is on our list of social media 2016 highlights. I guarantee, that many people who watched it, had goosebumps. Especially those, who used to play the good old Pokémon Red and Blue versions. What a time it was to be alive!

Pokemon Go (yes, I forget the accent aigu on the e google search purposes!) has just now recently be published and is creating a universe in which we can catch, train, trade and fight with our very own Pokémon’s that we found in our garden.

social media 2016

But it was not a worldwide launch. Slowly but surely, Nintendo is opening up the servers to more and more countries and now we are waiting to be able to play Pokémon Go in Thailand. Here you can check out the current server status.

Nintendo’s shares more than doubled since the launch of Pokémon Go, but is now slowly decreasing again. It is not changing the fact though, that Nintendo is pushing us into the real world to meet other fellows instead of feeling all cozy on the couch staring at our smartphones. And it is opening up some great marketing opportunities for many businesses around the world.

Pokémon Go offers so called Pokéstops in which you will be able to collect items that help you to catch more Pokémon’s. Usually, those Pokéstops are located near historical landmarks or monuments. Businesses, that are lucky enough to near to one of those places have to chance to take an advantage of it. Go here see to some inspirations of what is possible.

You could argue, that Pokémon Go is the first step of what the world is going to be with all the Virtual Reality equipment that is currently being developed and released over the next couple of years.

What are your greatest social media 2016 highlights that we might have missed out?

Manuel Rozewski

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Manuel is our intern from Germany. He is currently focusing on Digital Marketing and wants to continue working in that area.