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Google Adwords, the most powerful advertisement tool in the world (and the reason google earns so much money), still remains quite the intimidating contraptions for most business owners out there.  

Google Adwords, the most powerful advertisement tool in the world (and the reason google earns so much money), still remains quite the intimidating contraptions for most business owners out there.

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Personally I do not blame them, Adwords is a huge application that allows for hundreds of tasks to be accomplished: you can plan, develop, deploy and asses hundreds of different advertisement campaigns all at once, al from the same console. It’s only logical things can get slightly complex, specially when there’s money involved (and DO NOT FORGET you can loose as much money as you could make… so be warned!). For the time being, here are the 10 most common mistakes people make when using Adwords.

Regardless of the potential downfalls of a poorly thought-out campaign (that would cost you tons of money), the rewards Adwords offers are huge.  If you are one of those lucky ones who know what they are doing with the immense power Google has chosen to gives us, well, then you are in a very profitable position!

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The Interview

Gemma adwords instructorWe have asked one of our resident Google Adwords expert Mrs Gemma Purnell to share some of her personal experience with the Google machine. She has come up with some interesting opinions, check them out:

Hi Gemma, thank you for this interview! Would you mind explaining what you do?

I am a Google Certified Professional and the Head of Marketing Communications for a large expat media group based in Thailand.


What kind of business is Adwords most effective for?

Adwords can be effective for all types of businesses, whether you are a small new company who wants to generate some online traffic and have no organic rankings or a large corporate brand who wants to ensure maximum exposure for their brand name.

From your personal experience, which have been the best results you have seen for an Adwords campaign?

This is quite a hard question to answer, I guess it would be seeing a profitable online business developed from nothing else but a handful of carefully chosen keywords and a couple of well crafted ads with a monthly budget of less than 5000 baht.

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Realistically, how long can a business expect before seeing some profitable results for a campaign?

Depending on the type of product you sell, your campaign can be profitable from day one. It’s important to bear in mind that some more expensive long term purchases will have a longer conversion cycle. This basically means that if the product is a large purchase like a house or a car, for example then people won’t normally make a decision to buy straight away. They will visit a few different websites, make phone calls, personal visits etc. But this cycle can be generated by clicking on an Adwords ad.

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What are the main factors that make a successful campaign?

Spending time planning your campaign, choosing profitable positive and negative keywords, writing great ads, optimising your landing page for conversions and making use of all the features available in Adwords.


Why do you think it is important for businesses to start mastering the tools that Adwords provides?

If you’re not using Adwords it is pretty likely that your competitors are, they could even be bidding on your brand name and appearing above you in the search results (I know that you’re checking this now, people always do).

What is your advice for our students who are just beginning to learn Adwords?

Don’t start spending money on Adwords until you know what you are doing, you will lose money! Keep it simple at first, separate your campaigns by type, country, products and make your ad groups as tight as possible.

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Don’t stop the learning!

And there you have the expert’s perspective! In case you have gotten curious you can head to Adwords help center online where they offer a huge repertoire of resources, forums and community support. If learning by yourself seems like a bit of a tough one, don’t forget that:

Gemma will be inspiring us and sharing her Adwords knowledge during our Google Adwords course for beginners. We are exited to provide the venue for this great workshop, we offer a diversity of other courses as well!


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