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Creating a minimalistic movie poster design in Photoshop

Simple and clean design, it’s a term you have heard hundreds of times, but take my word for this; in the design industry it is our everyday currency, even while working with a movie poster design. Most of the meetings we hold with clients whirlwind around a very prevalent topic: how can we get you to remove most of the useless stuff that clutter your site and instead choose a simpler design?


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How to make a Facebook logo with Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator makes creating a logo easier than ever. Although the interface may look daunting, Illustrator offers some really simple solution to seemingly complex problems. All it takes is a basic knowledge of some simple tools and concepts. After this Facebook logo illustrator tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of some of these which you can then use in your other projects.


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Is the job title "Professional Photographer" over-rated or under appreciated?

People assume that you need a super expensive camera to take great pictures, to display and sell in an art gallery. In the highly competitive world of photography, it actually takes more than just that. Passion, talent on visualizing angles to achieve the best composition for each shot (before you even take your shots), and definitely the technical skills on how to get that perfect shot. It requires a lot of practice, and a lot of patience … Read More


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7 Ways Hotels Can Benefit From Social Networks

Social media has had an immense impact in pretty much all aspects of our lives. It has changed the way we relate, learn, have fun, and even affects how people chose to travel. Hotels and other businesses within the travel industry are finally beginning to understand that ways of a focused approach to Social Media can help create a strong brand, allow a greater exposition world wide, drive sales, create and maintain better relationships with customers as … Read More


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How to place your image on a Digital Screen

Say you are working on a project, adding images to an article, or putting an online web or graphic design portfolio together, and you want to put your images onto a virtual screen; a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. How can you do this without having to take a picture of your work on an ipad with an iphone? You don’t want to lose the resolution of your hard work by taking a picture … Read More


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10 free fonts Shared with love

You’ve survived the first week back to work in 2014 so we thought we’d gift you 10 these free fonts. We highly recommend you check out FontStruct, FontFabric, FontSquirrel as great resource for fonts. All the images used are from unsplash who are nice enough to hand out 10 free hi-resolution photos every 10 days. 2014 and we’re all about the giving.


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Logins are your car keys, how to keep your passwords safe

Have you ever lost your car keys? Thus leaving you in a situation of being stuck with nowhere to go. Well that’s exactly what happens when you don’t look after and remember your passwords. Even worse you write it down on a piece of paper which you misplace and someone else runs off at the drivers seat of your website. Here are some of our password security tips to keep your content safe.