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How to create a brand for an E-Commerce store

Designing a brand is a complex yet delightful kind of project. As designers, we have the opportunity to make research, define a concept, sketch, draw, experiment with fonts and mostly to transform the vision of a company into visual elements that are going to represent the day by day of a group of people. An activity where we should use creative strategies as an approach to resolve issues that involve a business in a social context. A … Read More


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How To Create A Motion Graphic

If I learned anything from studying animation is that one of the best ways to bring a message across has always been a motion graphic, illustrating a product or service with unique graphic designs and becoming animated. Companies hire artists that delve in graphic design or animation to help bring their products to life, being able to acquire both skills is an important combination as a motion graphic designer in the creative and marketing industry. So, where … Read More


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How to Find a Short Term Apartment in Bangkok?

With the help of a few online rental agencies, we took the plunge and headed into the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. Finding a short term apartment in Bangkok for three months can be a daunting task at the best of times. Doing it as a foreigner in another country is a recipe for disaster. We compiled our experiences into a simple guide of whose in the know and who to avoid at all … Read More


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10 Cool eMail Apps That Will Make Emailing Fun Again

Email and email apps are an essential part of most people’s lives; they are an essential part of communication which has become a key part of many people and businesses since the 90s. But with Gmail being the primary email provider, more people have started thinking that the Google product is too rigid and with no inbuilt features to make your email interaction more user-friendly. Luckily, some Email apps have come up that has changed the whole concept … Read More


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How To Promote Your Etsy Store Using Social Media Marketing

Social media and e-commerce go hand in hand. As an online retailer, you are able to interact with potential buyers, increase traffic to your store and of course…generate more income. Believe me, the potential to build a very successful online store using social media is there. Just check the numbers. According to, in 2016, there was an estimated 1.61 billion people who purchased goods online. Which amounted to 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars and 12.1percent of these … Read More


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Step-by-Step Process on how to Become a Digital Marketer

Do you want to start a career in digital marketing but you have no idea where to start? What you should learn and which skills should be listed on your resume? I had the same issue! So I did some research, got on a plane and now I’m living in Thailand doing a Digital Marketing internship. I have already met some top DM’ers and they have taught me a lot. I’d like to share that with you … Read More


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14 Common Church Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Building a church website or any website might seem too big a task for most people but nowadays there are many web tools that can help you build a website from scratch. The problem is we are not all web designers and often mistakes are made  when building a Church Website. There are a lot of things to consider in creating a website for a church, for example, having a good layout, good images and videos, and … Read More


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Interview with Web Developer Mr James Rose, Aktura Technology

1) For those of you who don’t know you, can you please introduce yourself and your company Hey ! I’m James Rose. Me and my business partner Mark run a few businesses. The “parent” one is Aktura Technology and our new focus is Content Snare.   Aktura builds web based applications and software for a variety of businesses, but our sweet spot tends to be accountants and start-ups. Content Snare is our new SaaS product. It’s made … Read More


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July Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Struggling with too many design processes that take too much time to achieve your final visual product? Searching through a ton of photography apps but none fits the bill? Or just started a business and want to utilise the best technology to help it grow? We understand these pain points, and that’s why we always bring you a host of exceptional tech tools to help make your work endeavours easier.Whether you are a web designer, content writer, … Read More